What is a Baffle Box Down Comforter

Baffle Box Down Comforters

In the below video and article we explain the attributes of a Baffle Box Comforter (Duvet) as well as discuss the drawbacks of some of the other construction styles.

Down Comforters shells constructed with sidewalls in each chamber are referred to as having a Baffle Box construction, which means within each stitched square on your Vero Comforter there are vertical interior walls, which keep the Down fill from shifting. 

  • These 3-dimensional chambers allow the Down to loft more fully, thus trapping more air (just as insulation does in your house), holding in the warmth your body generates.

Down Comforters should be cleaned occasionally to keep fresh.

  • Best Down ComfortersSome manufacturers recommend dry-cleaning others recommend laundering them.
  • If you do launder yours, we recommend taking it to a Laundromat where the dryers are larger – although remember to take it out and re-orientate it often during the drying process, as even in a large commercial dryer Down Comforters don’t tumble well and you don’t want to scorch the shell.
  • Industry recommendations do not endorse this practice but consider putting a little bit of bleach in the wash to kill dust mites that inevitability get into bedding.

The below video explains how to launder your down comforter.


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