What is a Baffle Box Down Comforter

Baffle Box Down Comforters

Updated 1/2020

A baffle box down comforter is considered to be the best premium style of comforter. Many also refer to a down comforter as a duvet, not to be confused with a duvet cover, which is used to cover the duvet or comforter.
In the video below, we explain the benefits of this style of comforter and the drawbacks of other styles of comforters.

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The baffle box down comforter shell is comprised of multiple compartments in which the down is contained. Unlike other construction styles, each chamber has a sidewall, as shown in the image below.

Baffle Box Down Comforters


What these sidewalls do is give the individual compartments a 3-dimensional box type configuration. This box allows the down to loft more fully. Much like insulation in your house, lofted down traps more air, which holds in body heat.

Down does not generate heat, it only holds in the heat generated by the person under it.
Down comforters are likely the most popular top of the bed cover.

People enjoy sleeping under them as they are very light in weight and are not constricting as some other types of bed covers.
Down Comforters should be cleaned occasionally to keep them fresh.

Other styles of down comforters have limitations such as cold spots and construction styles that allow the down to shift or move around inside the comforter shell. Click here to learn about the different styles available and their respective features and benefits.

Down Comforters should be cleaned occasionally to keep them fresh.

  • Most comforter manufacturers recommend dry cleaning them; some manufacturers recommend laundering them.

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The video below explains how to launder your down comforter.

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Down Comforters FAQ

What are the different styles of down comforters?

  • Box stitch
  • Channel quilt
  • Ring stitch
  • Baffle box

To learn about the differences between these construction styles read our article – “what to look for in your next down comforter down”.

What is the best and most popular type of bed cover? 

What does “Fill Power” mean relative to down?

Fill power is the number of cubic inches that one ounce of down occupies. To learn more read our article “what is fill power”.

What is the difference between down and feather?

  • A feather has more structure and weight than a down cluster.
  • Down has more insulating value than feather and is the best filling for comforters.
  • Feather is not recommended for down comforters as it is too heavy and doesn’t insulate as well as down.
  • Feather is more plentiful than down, as a result, costs less.
  • Feather is often used in sleeping pillows, as it creates a firmer pillow than one filled with down. However, some prefer a soft pillow where down becomes the desired fill.
    • As a side note, there is no right or wrong answer, as it relates to having the perfect sleeping pillow; it is a matter of choice – i.e., personal preference. Some prefer a soft pillow, some prefer a firm pillow, and then there are those in the middle.
  • Read our article “differences between down and feather” to learn more.
  • To learn more about sleeping pillows, read our article “the different types of sleeping pillow fillings”. 

How often should a down comforter be replaced? 

  • Down comforters do wear out. Typically when there are compartments with no down left in them, they need to be replaced. This generally occurs in the area directly over the shoulder area where the person lays. 
  • Several factors contribute to the wear of a down comforter. 
  • Laying or sitting on top of your comforter will wear it out faster.
  • Restless sleepers will wear a comforter out faster than a person that is a still sleeper.
  • Read our article to learn “how to tell if your comforter needs replacing”. 

What is a down Blanket? 

  • Down blankets are similar to down comforters but much thinner.
  • People that are hot sleepers or those that live in warmer climates may prefer a down blanket over a down comforter.
  • Down blankets are easily washed in a home wash machine; as a result, they do not require a cover.
  • To learn more about down blankets read our article “what is a down blanket”. 

How do you clean a down comforter?

  • Down Comforters do get soiled and require occasional cleaning. We recommend cleaning a comforter once a year. The frequency of cleaning is a function of how much “stuff” a comforter is exposed to. Eating in bed or the presence of pets and other “stuff” is the determining factor. 
  • Most manufacturers recommend laundering a down comforter vs. dry cleaning them.
    • We recommend laundering a comforter at a laundromat.
  • Read our article to learn why we recommend using a laundromat to clean your down comforter vs. dry cleaning or attempting to clean one at home, and our recommendation as to "the best way to clean your down comforter”.

Do down comforters come in different colors other than white?

  • Yes, some companies offer multiple colors with their down comforters.
  • Instead of purchasing a colored one we recommend sticking with white and using a duvet cover for your color options.
  • We recommend this because:
    • Duvet covers are available in many more colors, textures and patterns than down comforters.
    • A duvet cover helps protect your comforter from getting soiled. Washing a duvet cover is far easier to wash than a down comforter.
    • Your decorating tastes may change over time and the color you select may not work with any room decor changes.
    • Top of the bed covers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. While most down comforters can be washed, washing them on a regular basis can impede their life. Not so with a duvet cover.