What is Thread Count

Thread count & why it is not that important...

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Thread Count is the number of threads or yarns in one square inch of fabric.

  • Thread count is determined by counting the warp (vertical) threads and the weft (horizontal) threads of a fabric and then adding them together.

As a general rule, High Thread Count Sheets are more finely woven, but there are many more attributes to consider beyond Thread Count when thinking about quality Sheet Sets or Fine Linens.

  • When purchasing Sheets or Duvet Covers one should look for the existence of:
    • Finer grades of cotton, superior yarns, weaving, hand of fabric .
    • Attention to detail such as citered corners, embroidery, hemstitching, button closure and flanges on Duvet Covers and Pillow Shams, which all dramatically affect the feel, look and durability of the product.

Consider that with virtually all products, there are various grades of that product quality, the same is true with cotton.

  • For example, there are all beef hamburgers and then there is filet mignon – undisputed both are beef – well you get our point.

To establish market value, all Cotton is graded, (2) of the most important attributes are the fiber length and diameter.

  • Cotton containing the longest and thinnest fiber diameters are the prized fibers, commanding the highest price.
  • These long fibers are called long staple Cotton (LS) or extra long stable Cotton (ELS).
  • The shorter the fiber the less desirable it is and the less price it commands.
    • Short Cotton fibers are sold at dramatically lower costs, as when woven into Bed Linens, these fibers do not provide the same hand, feel or durability as the prized extra long staple Cotton.
  • Remember -  just because it say’s Egyptian Cotton doesn’t mean it is 100% Egyptian Cotton, a sheet may contain as little as 10% of a very low grade of Egyptian Cotton and still be labeled Egyptian Cotton.

This is why a 200 thread count sheet made from a great grade of cotton will feel nicer to the touch and out perform a higher thread count sheet made from poor grades of cotton.

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