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Wyoming King Bedding

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Wyoming King Bedding FAQ, Down Comforters, Sheets & More!

A Wyoming King matteress is 84" W x 84" L.

 - Other common oversized matresses are the Vermont King, 96" W x 96" L, Texas King, which measures 80" W x 98"L, and the Alaskan King 108"x 108".
 - The thickness or depth of these mattresses may vary by manufacturer.
 - When searching for Wyoming or oversized bedding, most search results may be for bedding, but the results will yield few companies        that offer oversized or custom bedding.

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Some mattress manufacturers may sell bedding to accommodate their oversized mattresses; however, the quality of these linens is sometimes lower than one may expect.
 - Shopping for oversized Wyoming or custom bedding can be a challenge, especially high-quality oversized bedding.

 - Search results for Wyoming King will yield several results, but these links rarely offer Wyoming King Bedding.

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A standard King size mattress is 78" W x 80" L.  A Cal-King mattress is 72" W x  84" L, and a Wyoming King measures 84" W x 84" L.

While oversized mattresses run the gamut in sizing and could theoretically be any size configuration, the more standard oversized mattresses are as follows:
Alaskan King – 108" W x 108" L
Texas King – 80" W x 98" L
Wyoming King – 84" W x 84" L
Vermont King (aka Alberta King) – 96" W x 96 L"
Finding these size mattresses for sale will require some searching. Finding high-quality bedding for these sizes will be even more of a challenge.
Internet searches often provide results for oversized bedding that are advertisements and links to a website, but more times than not, the linked site does not offer oversized bedding.


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