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Corporate America Today Corporate Elite 2024 -
2024 corporate elite most lux bedding manufacturer award


Lux Life Travel & Tourism Awards 2024 -

2024 Best Luxury Linens for Hospitality

AI Global Excellence Awards - Best Luxury Linen Bedding Company USA




Global 100 - 2024 Most Luxurious Bed Linen Manufacturer - North America

Global 100 2024 Most Luxurious Bed Linen Company

Lux Life Travel & Tourism - 2023 Luxury Hospitality of the Year 2023

Verolinens is Lux Life Hospitality Retailer of the Year 2023

Lux Life Travel & Tourism - 2022 Best Luxury Bed Linen eTailer

Lux Living Best Online Bedding Retailer Award 2022

Lux Life Travel & Tourism - 2022 Best Luxury Hospitality Bedding

2022 Lux Life Travel & Tourism Award for Best Luxury Hospitality Bedding

M&A Today Global Awards 2022 Winner - Most Luxurious Bed Linen Manufacturer North America

M&A Today Global Awards 2022 Winner Vero Linens

Lux Life Travel & Tourism - 2021 Best Luxury Bed Linen Collection

Lux Life 2021 Travel & Tourism Winner for Best Bed linens

Good Housekeeping - 2021 Best Bedding Awards

With a genuine down fill and a unique baffle box system to keep it evenly in place, Vero Linen's comforter is built to last. As a bonus, it's machine-wash safe. LAB RESULTS: Our experts were impressed with its overall construction, while our panel gave it top marks across the board. One user called it "soft, fluffy and cloud-like" and said this "light" version felt surprisingly warm.

Lux - Global Hospitality Award - Best Luxury Bedding Company 2020

Global Hospitality Awards Best Luxury Bedding Company USA 2020

NoMiddleMan - Genuine Italian Linens

The No Middleman Project finds, evaluates, and supports the world's best direct-to-consumer brands.

Cigar Aficionado - 2017

In a world of fast food and one-size-fits-all sensibilities, how often does something feel made especially for you? The “Made for You” section celebrates those items that are created with such high quality of hand workmanship and degree of customization that they become individual to you. In each issue, our editors will endeavor to bring you special things from anywhere on the globe, choosing them solely on the basis of outstanding quality. Our goal is to give you guidance on the best of everything

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Unfinished Man - What to look for when purchasing your next down comforter

Whether you’re looking for comfy, warm down comforters or lightweight down comforters that are cool and perfect for even the hottest summer weather, you’ll find all you need at Vero Linens.

Build - 2020 Home & Garden Awards

Most Luxurious Bed Linen Manufacturer - North America

Luxury comes in many forms, but it would be hard to argue that finally slumping into a comfortable bed at the end of a long day is not right up there at the top of the list.

We Blog the World - 12 Great Mother's Day Gifts 2017

Who doesn’t love incredibly high quality linen sheets, especially if they’re Italian made? Meet Vero Linens which offers luxury bed sheets in a few different options, all of which are handmade in Italy. They don’t sell through retailers which makes them more reasonable than what you’d find at a Nieman Marcus of similar stores.

Lux Expose - Vero Linens Confirms Growing Trend Among Men Buying Luxury Linens for Home

Vero Linens' customer base correlates with the growing trend of men who comprise 40% of the luxury goods market, according to research. And, in 2016, men made up more than 65% of Vero Linens business. Known for having high disposable incomes and highly driven attitudes, HENRYs prefer spending money on exclusive luxury products with high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Cote de Texas - Joni Webb

I own a set of these sheets and I can attest that they are beyond wonderful.  I’m so excited to have Vero Linens as a sponsor because their product is excellent and their low price is enticing – what a fabulous combination!

That's Just Jeni! - 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift Some Class & Comfort with Vero Linens Luxury Italian Bed Sheets. If you could create your ultimate wishlist, what would you include in it? A trip to Italy? How about something luxurious and extravagant?

Real Men Real Style - Recommended Home & Lifestyle Products

My friend Steve, owner of Vero Linens, sent me a set of the finest bedding I’ve ever owned. This killer combination of 1) a good mattress and 2) premium linens makes our bed the most comfortable place in North Central Wisconsin. It is my experience that you get more for your dollar out of a high quality premium set of sheets than you do from an inexpensive cheaply-made set.

Antonio Centeno

Sleep Like a King - Style, Sheets & Comfort

Entrepreneur - October 10, 2013

How Online Direct Sales Saved This Luxury Business