How to launder or clean towels.

The Best Way to Clean Bath Towels.

Maintaining the freshness and softness of your towels doesn’t require expert skills, but a few insider tips can help you keep them in top condition.


Here’s a guide to getting your towels cleaner, softer, and extending their lifespan:

  • 100% Cotton Towels: These are the best for absorbency and softness. Avoid cotton/poly blends, which don’t absorb as well.
  • Washing Frequency:
  • Regular Laundering: It’s advisable to wash towels every three to four days to prevent mildew and bacteria growth, especially in damp environments.
  • Preventing Mildew and Odor:
  • Quick Drying: Ensure towels dry quickly after use to avoid mildew, which thrives in humidity and warmth, particularly between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Laundering New TowelsPre-Wash: Always wash new towels before use to remove starch used during manufacturing.
  • Sorting TowelsColor Separation, keep light and dark towels separate during washing to maintain color integrity.
  • Choosing Detergents: Use a mild detergents: Opt for gentle detergents like Ivory or Dreft. Avoid those with brighteners, which can fade colors and damage fibers. 

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Washing Techniques.

  • Water Temperature: Use warm or cold water. Start the washer, add detergent, let it fill halfway, then add towels.
  • Vinegar for Dark Towels: Set the color of dark towels with white vinegar in the first wash.
  • Reduced Detergent: Towels usually aren’t very dirty, so use less detergent than usual.
  • Baking Soda: Freshen up dingy or musty towels with baking soda every few months.

Drying Towels.

  • Avoid Softeners: Skip fabric softeners and dryer sheets, which coat fibers and reduce absorbency.
  • Heat Settings: Dry towels on low to medium heat.
    • Over drying can damage fibers and cause shrinkage, especially in towels with woven bands.
  • Line Drying: If you prefer line drying, choose a breezy day for added softness.

Post-Drying Care.

  • Remove Promptly: Don’t leave towels in the dryer; residual heat can cause damage.
  • Proper Folding: Fold towels on a flat surface. If you find a snag, it’s safe to cut it without unraveling the towel.

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