What are the thread counts of your sheets?

High thread count bed sheets don't mean they are high quality.

And were are asked daily "what is the thread count of your sheets" - so we explain it as well as the options we offer below... 

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When it comes to determining the quality of bed sheets, thread count is actually a secondary factor. Cottons quality has more to do with the hand or drape of the fabric, the particular grade of cotton as well as the finishing details contained in the finished bed sheet. You see, not all cotton is created equal, certain attributes determine its quality and the cost it can demand in the market. 

 There are differences in the quality of fabrics used in bed sheets  

All bed sheets are made with differences in fabric quality and most manufacturers don’t talk about their grades, rather they only discuss thread count. So here are more details about the thread count in the sheets available at Vero Linens first our bed linens are all woven with Extra Long Staple (ELS) or Long Staple (LS) cotton.    

  • Diamante – 600 thread count solid sateen, which is our finest fabric
  • Righetta – 300 thread count sateen that is a tone on tone stripe
  • Olivia – 300 thread count percale
  • Serena – 300 thread count sateen
  • Ava – 250 thread count percale   

To gain a clearer understanding between percale and sateen sheets – click here. 

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Use code bedding tips at checkout & get 5% off your entire purchase.

View our 150+ bedding related articles & videos found here