What is the average depth of mattresses?

What is the standard thickness of mattresses? 

There isn't one!

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The average depth of a mattress can be a very sensitive topic among those who manufacture luxury linens. A long time ago, mattress thickness was relatively the same. Measurements did not differ much from one manufacturer to the next.  

But somewhere along the way, a new idea was introduced in the industry. That idea was to upgrade the thickness of a mattress. Suddenly, a thicker mattress gave the impression that it was better. And so a new era of mattresses were born.  

The age of the thick mattress

Mattresses quickly began to range anywhere from 6 to 24 inches in thickness. But bigger was not always better. It actually presented a lot of problems for linen manufacturers. Many customers were complaining that their sheets did not fit their mattresses. The ultra-thick modern mattress made that a common problem.  

Today's super thick mattresses can cause sheet fit issues


The Solution


In response, linen manufacturers have begun to produce fitted sheets with extra deep pockets. That means those who own a thin mattress may just need to tuck in some extra fabric, which does not present a problem. However, it is routinely difficult to match sheets with mattresses that measure more than 20 inches in depth. That may call for custom made sheets and when that is the solution, here are some simple tips to follow: 


  • Measure your mattress thickness before you attempt to buy new linens
  • Cord to cord measurements are not always accurate 


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