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For those of you who may be at work and do not want your co-workers to see or hear that video, here is a written version explaining the nuances of different mattress sizes. 

It is not uncommon to have some confusion about various mattress sizes. More specifically, the differences between a full and queen size mattress or the differences between a California King and a King. 

Whether you are looking to buy new bed linens or a new mattress, it is important to be certain of which mattress size is going to meet your needs. Here are some helpful hints about those varieties. 

Twin - This is also referred to as a single and there are (2) varieties of this mattress: a regular Twin (39”x 75”) and an Extra Long Twin (39”x 80”). 

  • The majority of twin mattresses you will find in retail stores measure 39” x 75”. However, you could come across an extra-long Twin. 
  • It is important to know what kind of twin you are looking to buy. There are challenges when it comes to finding fitted sheets and, perhaps even flat sheets, for an extra-long twin. Not all sheets will fit properly. 
  • Extra-long twin mattresses are commonly used in college dorm rooms. 

Full – This mattress size is also called a double. A Full mattress measures 54” x 75”. 

  • This mattress size has decreased significantly in popularity, impacting the availability and selection of full size bedding. 
  • Most boutique luxury linen stores do not stock Full size sheets because there is not enough of a demand. Full size fitted sheets won’t fit a Queen-size mattress. Meanwhile, Queen-size fitted sheets are too large to properly fit a Full-size mattress. 
  • Most linen manufacturers use the same flat sheet, pillowcases (standard size) and duvet cover (and down comforter) on a Full bed. The only difference is the fitted sheet. The duvet and comforter are often sold as a Full/Queen size. 

Queen – This variety measures 60” x 80” and is an extremely popular size. 

  • There is also another Queen model which is called an Olympic Queen. We recommend avoiding an Olympic Queen (66” x 80”), as you may have challenges finding bedding that will accommodate this size.

 King Size – This size measures 76” x 80” and is frequently referred to as an Eastern King. 

  • A regular King size mattress remains very popular size. It measures the same width and length as (2) extra-long twins. The width of a King mattress usually measures 78” wide, but that can vary by manufacturer. 

California King – This size measures 72” x 84”. 

  • The Cal King is not a popular mattress size. Most times, people encounter challenges when trying to find bedding for a Cal King. Many luxury linen manufacturers do not make Cal King bed linens. 
  • A regular King and California King have the same problem that exists between a Full and Queen size mattress. The fitted sheets are not interchangeable between the two. However, the other elements of the bed are often interchangeable and sized the same. That includes flat sheets, duvet covers and down comforters. 

Here is a video explaining this in greater detail.

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