Tips for a better night's sleep

Getting a better night's sleep...

The right bedding plays such an important role in a good night of sleep. Snuggling up on a fresh pair of luxury linens with a cozy down comforter, an airy duvet cover, down sleeping pillows, a great mattress pad and a comfortable mattress go a long way in creating a wonderful night of sleep. 

Whether or not you have all of those items, you can still use some additional tips to achieve a better night of sleep. 

Regular exercise 

If you can engage in 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic exercise four or five times a week, then you will see improvements in your sleep. It’s also a good idea to refrain from exercising three to four hours before bedtime. Exercising too close to your bedtime could make falling asleep more difficult because your brain will be stimulated. 

Woman Exercising


Another way to improve your sleep is to eat a light pre-bedtime snack that is high in Melatonin. The melatonin helps to regulate your sleep and wake cycle. Here is a list of foods that are high in Melatonin.  


Melatonin, ng/100g


Melatonin, ng/100g

Tart (sour) cherry juice concentrate


Tart (sour) cherries




Mustard seed






Ginger root




Barley grains


Rolled oats






Fresh mint


Under ripe banana







Establishing a regular sleep pattern helps in getting a good night of sleep. Both your brain and your body favor consistency. Variations in bedtimes will throw off your natural clock and impact the amount of sleep you will be able to get.  

Cool down the bedroom 

The ideal room temperature falls between 54° and 74° F. Studies have indicated that the optimum room temperature is 66° F.

Lower the temperature of your room for a better nights sleep

Shut off all electronics 

This may be a tough one, but it does work. Televisions, phones and other electronic devices emit both sound and light which act as a stimulant for your brain. Having an open laptop or functioning cell phone nearby can also distract you from trying to sleep. 

TV & tech devices may interfere with sleep 


There are people who take a warm bath to relax them before going to bed. There are others who turn to books, as reading can slow down your brain and keep your mind off any stressful life events.   

Spray your bed with a linen spray 

Lavender is a soothing fragrance that is capable of relaxing people. Actual studies have proven that people sleep sounder when exposed to the scent of lavender. Vero Linens sells an excellent linen spray on our website.  

Stop consuming caffeine at least 6 hours before going to bed 

This requires no further explanation.  

Get your pet and children out of the bedroom 

The Mayo Clinic conducted research which revealed that 50% of people, who share a bed or bedrooms with pets, experience disruptions in their rest. 

For a better nights sleep kick the pets & kids out of bed

Forget about work 

A recent study of 2,300 American adults discovered that people who frequently felt upset at work were almost twice as likely to develop sleep troubles.

To get a better nights rest - leave work at work

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