The long term effects of sleep deprivation

A poor night of sleep has many different effects.

It can drain you physically, mentally and even emotionally.

As a leading manufacturer of luxury linens, the professionals at Vero Linens completely understand the importance of a great bed. We also understand how much of a good night of sleep depends on a great bed and all the fixings.  

The video below points out the long-term effects of not getting enough rest.

The good news is that there are some things you can do to improve your overall sleep experience. Here’s a look at some easy fixes that will provide you with many great nights of sleep.  

The bed 

  • Purchase a good mattress pad. You can buy a great one here.
  • Buy some luxury linens as there is nothing else that feels quite as nice next to your skin. You can buy luxury linens here.  

The sleepwear  

  • Ditch the jammies. You will sleep much better without that extra layer. Your entire body will feel wonderful wrapped up in the softness of luxury linens. You will never need to wear pajamas again.   

The pillows  

  • Don’t let your sleeping pillows become limp, flat and disgusting. All pillows will eventually wear out and start to look disgusting – view video here. 

The down comforter  

  • Is your down comforter at least eight years old? Or perhaps even older? Then, it’s time to inspect your down comforter since they do wear out – view video here. If you do need to replace your down comforter, here is what to look for in a new one.   

Other things to consider:  

  • Turn all the lights off in the bedroom.
  • Put your phone in another room.
  • Turn off the television and computer.
  • Turn the thermostat down - people sleep much better in a cool room.
  • Minimize any background noise.
  • Chase the pets out of the room and put the kids in their own bed.   

We hope all of this information helps – good night and pleasant dreams!  

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