Luxury Custom Made Bedding: Where and Why?

Do you need custom made bedding? 

Whether it be a Alaskan, Wyoming, Vermont or Texas size mattress or a custom size mattress, we can produce our luxury linens in virtually all different mattress configurations. We can also produce top quality linens and bedding for any custom size bed. Just ask?

What are the most popular sizes of custom mattresses?

  • They are Alaskan King, Wyoming King, Texas King, and Vermont King.
    • An Alaskan King is 108” x 108”.
    • A Wyoming King is 84” x 84”.
    • A Texas King is 80” x 98”
    • A Vermont King is 96” x 96”

We offer custom and oversized bedsheets, down comforters, mattress pads, duvet covers and coverlets.

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Many people sleep on mattresses that are customized in terms of size. That requires them to purchase customized linens, which is not always an easy task. Walking into your local bedding supply store might mean walking out empty handed when you are looking for custom size linens. Add in the fact that you are looking for luxury linens and that could complicate matters even more.  

At Vero Linens, there is never a need to worry when searching for custom size luxury linens. We can provide you with fine Italian sheets that will match the measurements of your custom size mattress. 

Vero Linens is ready to give every customer the finest and softest bed sheets in custom sizes. We also offer a wide selection luxury duvet covers and feather sleeping pillows. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Bed Sheets and Linens

Does Vero Linens offer Custom bedding? - Yes

There are many people that find the regular size mattresses don't meet their needs. This is particularly true for tall individuals or some that find their children sleeping with them. As a result we can offer luxury linens for almost any size mattress.

What is the cost of custom sized bed sheets?

The cost to produce custom bedding is going to be more than our standard size bedding products. This cost will depend on the size and the fabric that is used. With Vero Linens we encourage you to visit our sheets and pillowcase page and view our different collections where details are provided about the different textiles we offer - found here - Sheets and Pillowcases. Our contact information is identified throughout our website or on that page. Or, please call (786) 512-3268 or email us for additional details. As a side note, at Vero Linens, our custom bed sheets will range in price between 20% and 30% over our King or Cal-King bed sheets.

How long does it take to produce custom size bed linens?

Timing depends on current factory backlogs. On average our custom bedding typically takes between 6 to 8 weeks.

Where are your bed sheets made?

All of our bed sheets, duvet covers and shams are made in Italy. We use only the finest grades of Long and Extra Long Staple cotton in the construction of our bed linens.

Do you provide cuttings or fabric samples of your textiles?

We do offer a 6" x 6" swatch packet of our fabrics. They are sold for a nominal fee of $5.00 US. They can be ordered here. They are sent via. US Mail. Contact information is also found throughout our website, or please feel free to email us or call 786-512-3268 us with any questions.