What is a Duvet Cover

Duvet vs. Duvet Cover... 

There is always confusion with this term and some of it is justified. 

Duvet - translates to the actual Down Comforter in French. In the United States, many call the Duvet Cover a Duvet. 

  • Regardless, it is the decorative covering that goes over your Down Comforter to protect it from body oil, dirt, make-up and other things that might soil it.
  • Think of a Duvet Cover (Comforter Cover) as a large Pillowcase for your Down Comforter. 

When selecting a Duvet, ensure that you look for a Sheet weight fabric. 

  • Italian Duvet CoversSome people select heavy upholstery grade textiles to achieve texture for the top of the Bed, the Duvet may look great, but it will likely weigh too much.
  • The weight of these heavy textiles compress the air out a Down Comforter, lessening the insulating properties. This defeats the benefits of using a Down Comforter – that being a wonderful light, warm non-constricting Bed Cover.
  • Few people enjoy sleeping under a lot of weight, which makes the Down Comforter the most popular choice for the top of the bed.
  • Additional attributes to look for when purchasing a Duvet Cover are;
    • A soft textile that is washable.
    • Detailed finishing such as hidden button closure, generous sizing, and flanges to provide sufficient coverage of today’s thicker mattresses.

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