What is a Dust Ruffle?

Dust ruffles & bed shirts... 

(note at this time Vero does not offer dust ruffles)

A dust ruffle is sometimes called a pettiskirt or bed skirt. It is actually a decorative cover placed under the sleeping mattress and on top of the box spring. A dust ruffle serves the following purposes:  

  • Hides or covers the box spring.
  • Conceals the area underneath the box spring, which includes the legs of the mattress frame. It also keeps dust from getting underneath your bed.
  • Provides a decorative and finishing touch to your bed.  

In recent years, the mattress industry has become a bit overzealous with the thickness and height of mattresses. It seems mattresses are getting bigger and thicker by the day. Prior to the start of this fad, there were two basic lengths for dust ruffles, 14 inches or 16 inches.  

A dust ruffle should just touch the floor, although that does not always happen with today’s enormous-sized mattresses. Older styles of dust ruffles were one-piece construction (side panels and a decking material that resides under your mattress). 

However, the manufacturers of dust ruffles have come up with a solution and that resulted in the adjustable skirt. Most of the current dust ruffles come in three separate panels (two for the sides and one for the foot). These panels are easily pinned right into the box spring.

Attachment pins for a 3 piece construction dust ruffle

 Dust ruffles are decorative & functional 

Dust ruffles are now available in different construction styles and they are as follows:  

  • Gathered
  • Pleated
  • Tailored – These are available without pleats, just a straight piece of fabric, or single-pleated on each side.
  • Layered – This is typically a solid fabric on the underside and a sheer (organza type fabric) layered on the outer side of the skirt. 

3 piece dust ruffle

The three piece construction style always means that the corners are split. This is a tremendous help in accommodating any foot-board or post that is located at the foot of the bed.   

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