What to look for in Terry Towels.

Terry Towel Buying Guide.

The journey of terry cloth began with silk in France in 1841 and evolved with Samuel Holt’s cotton weave in England. By 1850, Henry Christy’s industrial production set the stage for today’s luxurious towels.

Terry cloth looms are different than a traditional loom 

Why Choose Vero Linens Turkish Terry Towels?

Understanding Towel Materials:

Fiber Impact: The choice of fiber significantly affects a towel’s texture and functionality.
Synthetic vs. Cotton: While synthetic blends may feel soft, nothing beats the moisture-wicking ability of 100% cotton towels.
Cotton Quality: Not all cotton is equal; finer grades offer better absorbency and durability due to enhanced capillarity and thicker loops.
Evaluating Weave and Weight: Terry Weave: Characterized by its looped pile, the quality and length of these loops are crucial for moisture absorption and durability.

Consider the length of the loop in your next towel purchase   

Density Test: Hold the towel up to light; less light penetration indicates a denser, more absorbent weave.

Weight Standards: Towels are measured in Grams per Square Meter; we recommend options above 450 GSM for optimal performance without compromising on drying time or feel.
Personal Preference: Towel softness is subjective; some prefer a gentle scrubbing texture over ultra-softness that may leave some water behind.

Vero Linens’ Commitment.

Luxury and Quality: Our towels, weighing a plush 650 GSM, strike the perfect balance between luxury and practicality.

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