Difference between a King & California King bed.

What's different between a King & California King bedding...

Updated 10/19:

What is the difference between King and California-King bedding?
With most bedding manufacturers, all of the components of the bedding for both of these sizes are the same.
Typically, the duvet cover, down comforter, flat sheet, shams, and pillowcases are the same.
The difference lies with the fitted sheet and dust ruffle. These items are not interchangeable. 


Italian Bed SheetsThe mattress sizes for these items are as follows:

  • King (sometimes referred to as an Eastern-King) – 78” x 80”.
  • There is some variation in this size, some mattress manufacturers make their King mattresses 76” x 80”.
  • A California-King mattress is 72” x 84”.

As a side note: the same is true with Queen and Full-size mattresses as it relates to bedding components.

The duvet cover, down comforter, flat sheet, shams, and pillowcases are the same and interchangeable.

  • A Queen mattress is 60” x 80”.
  • A Full-size mattress is 54” x 75”.

The fitted sheets and dust-ruffles are not interchangeable between these sizes.
The regular-sized King is more popular than the California-King.
The increasingly popular split King mattresses are comprised of two extra-long twin mattresses which are 39” x 80”.
A regular-sized twin fitted sheet will not work as they are 39” x 75”.

Vero carries bedding for full, queen, king, California king, as well as, fitted sheets for split king size beds.  

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