Down Pillows & Comforters

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Vero Linens offers some of the finest down comforters, down pillows & down blankets made. Our luxury cozy warm down comforters and sleeping pillows are made in the USA (verses China). All of our down comforters and sleeping pillows are hypoallergenic and undergo a 7-stage patented cleaning and sanitizing process.

Baffle-Box Down Comforters (Duvet) – 650 fill power snow white down 

  • Available in 3 different weights and warmth levels. All are considered year-round weights.
    • Regular weight – for those that find themselves frequently cold and want a little extra warmth.
    • Light weight – our most popular style that is ideal for those that consider themselves as kind of regular – neither too warm or too cold.
    • Summer weight – perfect for those that find themselves too warm at night or those that live in warmer climates.

Sleeping Pillows

  • We offer 3 different firmness’s in our sleeping pillows. All of our sleeping pillows are generously filled and with proper care will last up to 10 years or more.
    • Down pillow – is ideal for those that enjoy a softer pillow.
    • Compartment pillow - is perfect for those that enjoy a firmer pillow. Our compartment pillow is a small firmer feather pillow that is encapsulated in a larger pillow filled with down. Offering the firmness of feather and the softness of down.
    • Feather pillow – is our firmest pillow, it is an excellent pillow for those that like a more supportive pillow and a perfect pillow insert for decorative pillow shams. It is also available in a 26” x 26” Euro size.

Down Blankets

  • Our down blanket is perfect to use as just a blanket, but can also be used inside a duvet cover. It is easily washed and nicely priced. 

Pillow Protectors

  • If your considering new sleeping pillows, don’t forget to add a few pillow protectors to your cart. Our pillow protectors zip on, are washable and keep your pillows fresher and clean.

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