Vero Linens regular weight baffle box down comforters (duvets) are generously filled with snow white down. Our regular weight comforter is perfect for those that want the a little more warmth and loft in their  comforter.
A baffle-box construction is a premium construction style and a baffle-box construction allows the down to loft to its fullest. The down will not shift from one compartment to another and does not have cold spots like other  style of our comforters.
Vero Linens regular weight baffle box down comforters (duvets) are generously filled with snow white down. Our regular weight comforter is perfect for those that want the a little more warmth and loft in their  comforter.
A baffle-box construction is a premium construction style and a baffle-box construction allows the down to loft to its fullest. The down will not shift from one compartment to another and does not have cold spots like other  style of our comforters.

Regular Weight Baffle Box Down Comforters (Extra Warm)

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Luxury baffle-box Down Comforter.

Our regular weight Down Comforter is ideal for those that tend to be cold at night or for use in the colder winter months.

  • Baffle box goose down comfortersOur Down Comforters are hypoallergenic and sanitized in our 7-stage patented cleaning process.
  • All of our down comforters have a 1-inch sidewall in each compartment. This prevents the down from shifting. As well, this premium construction eliminates any cold spots that are found in other lower cost constructions styles.
  • This baffle-box construction style allows the down to loft to its fullest.
  • The combination of our cleaning and baffle-box construction makes them the benchmark for the industry.
  • Our comforters are light and cozy, providing an incredible sleep experience.
  • All of our Down Comforters come with corner ties (loops) that help prevent slippage inside your Duvet Cover.
  • The outer shell is a 100% cotton 360 Thread Count Solid Sateen, so, it is super soft, and you won’t hear that scratchy sound as you toss and turn at night.
  • Machine washable.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The outboard edges are corded, and double stitched edging provides maximum durability and longevity.
  • Generously sized to ensure proper fit with your duvet cover.

idfl certified down

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Available In King, California King, and Queen


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Down Comforter

Thank you - I am so in love with my sheets, I decided I HAVE to have the duvet cover to protect my lovely Vero Linens down comforter. Thank you!! Casey

Regular Wgt Down Comforter

I absolutely love the regular weight Baffle Box comforter I ordered too. Dianee

extra warm comforter

I read all the info and decided to order a baffle comforter, something I have never had. I love it. It is a great size for my queen bed and very warm w/o being too warm as we've still had some warm nights. I love going to bed with this comforter! It came quickly and with the discount they offered even though I didn't put it in at order and had to email. Thank you! Valerie Turner

Down Comforter

I just received my extra warm comforter and its perfect! I'm so glad I went with this one! Thank you for your help! Alex Alex

Heavenly and top-notch quality

I had purchased a supposedly high quality down comforter from NOT Vero Linens, and when it arrived, I was disappointed. The baffles were tiny and the fill did not fill the boxes. I could literally see through it. I quickly realized I needed to buy TRUE quality - it was the only way I would be happy. And true quality was Vero Linens. I purchased my regular weight down comforter from Vero Linens the next day. It was shipped that day, and I received it in just a few days. When it arrived, the differences were obvious. The generous one inch baffles and fluffy fill stood out and loudly proclaimed quality! The stitching was straight, not puckery, and the fabric was sumptuous. The comforter is lightweight, but so nice and warm. It fits beautifully in my duvet cover and fluffs up wonderfully in the mornings. I am so happy with this comforter. All of the care tips on the site and blog will guarantee many years of luxury and comfort. And the customer service is exceptional. Thank you, Steve! Casey

Best I ever owned

Actually received the Light Weight Baffle Box comforter. Called and within 3 hours received a call from Steve apologizing for the error. Told me to try the lightweight and if I did not like he would send a return label and send the heavyweight. Well I am glad I tried the lightweight. You know it is there but not heavy on you. Warm as can be and I love it. It fluffs up and I have had other comforters but this is the best! All I can say is this is the place for Down Products. Lewis Sokoloff

Regular Weight Baffle Box Down Comforter

Quite by accident I came across your videos while researching down comforters; they were very informative. I would recommend people to watch them to further their understanding of the choices available in down comforters. I researched for a couple of months but always came back to this comforter. I was hesitant to spend this much on a comforter but my 20 year old needed to be retired. I will admit that I have gotten the best sleep these last few weeks under this comforter than I have gotten in years. It is warm enough for Colorado winters, when my heat is turned down to 62 at night. I heartily recommend this comforter, I just may have to purchase a summer weight one too. Drew

We absolutely love the pillows and comforter!

My pillow is the 100% down one and my heads is cradled just perfectly; I have several disc in my neck that are bulging and this pillow fits the bill for my type of keeping on my back or side just right. My husband is a back and side sleeper, but much larger than me and he prefers a pillow with a little more support. This pillow having the extra support in the center, then the down all around it gives him the chance to experience the yummy feeling of a cushioned pillow, with the support he needs! The comforter is like a dream. My Mom and Dad had a down comforter that I loved and I purchased one. I say my relationship with that comforter is 'love- hate", because it feels so lovely, but's too heavy and makes my feet feel like they're being pulled downward..ugh (not your comforter)! Watching your short videos proved much help for us in our decision buying. You provided us the perfect information to make educated buys! We will be back for more of your products! Dee

I want to thank you for the great service and the great product.

I found a video of yours on the internet, quite by accident. Before I knew it, I had watch about 15 different ones, learning about down comforters. So I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I called to order your Summer Weight comforter, and you answered the phone. As I told you on the phone, I thought you presented yourself quite well in the videos and you were just as informative on the phone. Well, I’ve had the comforter about 2 weeks now and it’s all that it is cracked up to be. The perfect weight for South Florida. Peter

I absolutely love my new down comforter

It is made very well & feels luxurious. I like the fact that it is made in the USA. It is so warm & cozy, perfect for our cold Minnesota winters. This is by far the best down comforter I have owned. I may order a lighter weight one for the summer Kris

I love my down comforter

As I advance into my dotage I have decided that I should pay more attention to my sleeping arrangements. It never occurred to me that the bed and sleep were anymore than an inconvenience I had to put up with in the course of my day. No longer was I satisfied with just any mattress so I went out on a mission and found one that was actually comfortable for me. Next were the linens and coverings. This was more challenging since I had purchased my linens from big box stores I had no idea what was out there. I began studying the subject more intently. During my investigation I came upon Steve and Vero Linens. I was held spellbound by the informational snippets found on You Tube which opened a whole new world to me. I soon ordered a set of sheets and like Steve said, they were wonderful. I could tell the difference! I learned to launder them correctly and they continue to improve with age. I then waited awhile and this winter decided my old bones needed something more than a twenty year old comforter and some equally ancient blankets. I again researched and there was Steve once again unlocking the mysteries of buying down comforters. I ordered one and couldn't wait to try it out. Once again Steve knew what he was talking about. Getting into bed under those wonderful sheets and this luxurious comforter was like re entering the womb!! Almost like being suspended in air. The only thing missing were pillows. I didn't waste time, I immediately sought out Steve and purchased two pillows. If you've never had a down pillow you're missing out! Just enhances the other facets of the sleeping experience. Now I spend my evening looking at the clock, just counting down the minutes til I can justify going to bed. In the morning I don't look at the clock because I don't want to be made to feel like I have to leave this haven of comfort and delight. The only down side to this experience is that Steve gets in your head. I can't do anything with my linens but his appropriate vignette pops up in my minds eye telling me what to do. Small price to pay I suppose for making this part of my life that much more enjoyable. :) Robert

They are beautiful!!

Hi Steve! I received my order yesterday and wanted to tell you how happy I am! The comforter and linens are beautiful!! Anne

I love my comforter & your videos

Bedtime came a bit earlier than usual last night because I couldn't wait any longer to crawl under that gorgeous cloud !! It is all that I could have imagined - a beautiful slice of heaven. My comforter has a name - - Fluffola :-) Thanks for a wonderful product. Hank Hank

Best Down Comforter I've Ever Owned

I'm glad I took a risk and bought a pricier comforter. Out of all the comforters i've owned over the years, this by far has been my favorite. When it is time to replace my comforter again, I will now know where to shop for one again! Thanks, Steve. William Lindquist

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