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What are the best fibers used in bed linens & sheets?

There are many choices when it comes to bed sheets. You will find that bed sheets may range in price from $50 to $2,000 and everything in between.We also think it is safe to say that one sheet may not satisfy everyone's specific needs. So, below
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What is Mercerized Cotton?

Here is a little background. Raw cotton is not pure white; it is off-white. Well, as we know, we like colored textiles. So textiles and specifically cotton fabrics are bleached and dyed. The problem with dying cotton is that as quickly as it acc
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Sateen Bed Sheets vs. Satin Bed Sheets!

Sateen vs. Satin Bed Sheets.The words Sateen and Satin, sound quite similar, some use the words interchangeably. However, Sateen Bed Sheets are different than Satin Bed Sheets. Webster defines Satin as “a fabric (as of silk) in satin weave with a lus
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​What Causes Bed Sheets or Linens to Pill?

What is Pilling and what cause it? Pills are those unsightly little fuzzy balls you find in some fabrics, sweaters and occasionally in bed sheets. Pills can make a sheet rough and scratchy next to your skin. Bed sheets pill for several reaso
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