​Preventing your white sheets from yellowing!

​Preventing your white sheets from yellowing!

Posted by Vero Luxury Linens on Jun 05, 2023

We are asked on a regular basis, the best way to get your - once white bed sheets (now yellow) – white again.

Well the best thing you can do is prevent them from becoming yellow…

In the below video we explain some steps to take to keep them white, or simple scroll down to read these tips.

Sheets can yellow because of a number of factors .

Below are some of the causes of yellowing sheets and a few tips to keep them white and brighten them up a bit.

Too much detergent:

Too much detergent can build up a residue on your sheets causing them to yellow

  • Many of us prescribe to the adage, if the label calls for ½ cup of detergent then a full cup will get them even cleaner – right? Wrong!

  • When too much detergent is used it does not totally rinse out leaving a residue that collects, body oil and dander.

Overloading the washer:

An over loaded wash machine will result in your bed sheets not getting as clean as they could

If your bed sheets don’t agitate properly, they are not getting as clean as they could, leaving behind dirt and body oil in the fabric, that acts as a sponge, collecting more and more debris over time.

Only place one set of bed sheets in the wash machine at a time

  • Only put one set of sheets in the washer/drier at a time.
  • No dryer sheets or fabric softener in the wash or drier, these products will coat the fabric and will aid in accumulating stuff on the fabric.
  • Don’t roll your sheets up when you strip the bed. If you do, unfurl them when you place in the washer.
  • When washing bed sheets, fill the washer at least ½ way up with water before putting them in the machine.
  • Consider putting a ½ cup of baking soda in each wash, this will keep them whiter, brighter and smelling fresh.

Regular use of Baking soda in your wash will keep your bed sheets brighter & smelling fresh

  • In case you have a detergent build up, wash them (no detergent) with a cup of white vinegar. This will strip out most of the detergent residue, then wash them a second time with the correct amount of detergent.
  • Consider a better detergent – Tides, Cheers and the like have brighteners which are bleach derivatives that are hard on cotton fabrics.
  • FYI, we sell LeBlanc Linen wash, which is an excellent detergent specifically formulated for fine cotton products.

Not washing your sheets as often as you should.

  • Bed sheets should be washed a minimum of once a week. In warmer months, we tend to be sweatier and our skin is oilier.
    • Consider washing them every three to four days in the warmer months.
  • Removing your makeup or at minimum washing your face before you go to bed will result in less oil being deposited on the pillowcases.
    • Tanning bronzers will make your sheet yellow after just a few exposures.
  • Better yet, take a shower before you get into bed – what's better than getting out of the shower and jumping into a clean bed?
    • If you have stayed in better hotels, they are likely using white sheets and I have never seen hotel sheets yellowed, this is because they are washed daily (hopefully).
  • If you do have yellowed sheets, try soaking them in your wash machine overnight in a good detergent.

Not cleaning your mattress pad or pillow protectors .

  • These items will get loaded up with sweat, body oil, dander and other unmentionable stuff!
  • Take a look at your pillow protectors – they can get disgusting looking and the debris they accumulate can leech back to your linens.
  • Consider washing these items every month or two and if you don’t own either of these items – consider buying them both.
  • Consider washing your pillows if they are yellow and have drool stains. They are likely loaded up with dust mites as well, or simply replace them.

Even if you sleep on colored sheets, the fact is – if you were not caring for them as recommend above, they are likely not that clean and would be yellow if they were white – think about it.

We hope this helps you keep your sheets nice and white.

Now if it is time to replace your sheet, we hope you give some consideration to our wonderful  Italian sheets that can be purchased on our site.