Alaskan King Bedding

Alaskan King Bedding

Alaskan King Bedding



Elevate Your Alaskan King Bed: Luxury Italian Bedding

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Luxury Italian bedding, meticulously crafted in Italy to adorn your Alaskan King bed with unparalleled comfort and style. Indulge in the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship that promise to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of luxury and sophistication.

- Our Alaskan King bedsheets, duvet covers, and pillow shams are available in our Diamante and our Olivia textiles.

          - Diamante is made from a 600-thread count extra-long-staple cotton. It is available in a white, solid sateen and finished                    with an elegant hemstitch detail.

          - Olivia is made from a 300-thread count long-staple cotton percale. It is available with white or white or grey embroidery on               the pillowcases, flat sheets, duvet covers, and shams.


Italian Craftsmanship, American Excellence

- Our bedding sets are a testament to the heritage of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to       detail, ensuring superior comfort and durability that lasts for years to come. From sumptuous sheets to elegant duvet covers,         every item in our collection reflects a commitment to luxury and timeless elegance.


Sumptuous Sheets and Duvet Covers

- Experience the unparalleled luxury of our Italian King sheets and duvet covers, crafted from the finest grades of cotton and               finished with intricate detailing. Whether you prefer sateen's silky smoothness or percale's crisp feel, our sheets offer a                     luxurious retreat for restful nights and rejuvenating sleep.


Elegant Shams and Down Comforters

- Complete your bedding ensemble with our selection of pillow shams and down comforters, designed to enhance both comfort       and style. Our pillow shams feature tasteful designs and premium fabrics, adding a touch of sophistication to your bed. For             ultimate coziness, our made-in-the-USA down comforters are filled with premium down and encased in soft, breathable cotton     fabric, ensuring warmth without weight for a restful night’s sleep.


Luxurious Mattress Pads

- Enhance the comfort of your Alaskan King bed with our luxurious mattress pad, crafted to provide an extra layer of plushness         and support. Our mattress pads are designed for a perfect fit and are made from cotton, offering an added level of comfort and       protection.


Why Choose Vero Linens Luxury Italian Bedding?

- Uncompromising Quality: Each piece is crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, ensuring luxury and durability.

- Timeless Elegance: Our designs embody classic Italian style infused with modern sensibilities, creating a timeless aesthetic for     your bedroom.


Transform Your Bedroom Today

- Discover the ultimate in luxury and comfort with our exclusive collection of Luxury Italian bedding for Alaskan King beds.


Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bedding or create a new oasis of comfort, our meticulously crafted pieces are designed to exceed your expectations. Treat yourself to the luxury you deserve and transform your bedroom into a haven of relaxation and style.


Explore Our Collection

- Browse our online catalog (found above) to explore our full range of Luxury Italian bedding for Alaskan King beds. Our                         knowledgeable team is here to assist you in finding the perfect pieces to suit your style and preferences.

- Elevate your sleep experience with Luxury Italian bedding—because you deserve the best.


Contact Us Today

Ready to experience the luxury of Italian craftsmanship in your bedroom? Contact us today to learn more about our products or to place an order. Transform your Alaskan King bed into a sanctuary of comfort and style with Luxury Italian bedding—where luxury meets excellence, right in your home.

Alaskan King Bed FAQ. The Largest Mattress Bedding & More!

An Alaskan King mattress is 108" W x 108" L.

An Alaskan King bed is considered the largest (standard size) mattress/bed.

Other oversized beds are the Vermont King 96" W x 96" L. Texas King measuring 80" W x 98"L, and the Wyoming King  84" W x 84" L.

There are also custom-sized mattresses and bedding that can be purchased.

The sizes would vary based on the customer's needs, which are theoretically endless. 

The thickness of each of these mattresses will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Finding high-quality bedding for these oversized mattresses can represent a challenge, as few linen companies produce these sizes.


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Finding an Alaskan King mattress will likely be easier than finding high-quality bedding to outfit it with.

Many bedding suppliers have elected not to enter this market due to the low demand for oversized bedding.

Searching for it on the internet will return results. However, most of the results are advertisements or links to sites that will take you to companies that sell bedding, but often not oversized items such as Alaskan King bedding.

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A standard or Eastern King mattress is 78" W x 80" L.  A Cal-King mattress is 72" W x 84" L, an Alaskan King is 108" W x 108" L.

While oversized mattresses run the gamut in sizing and could theoretically be any size configuration, the more standard oversized
      - mattresses are as follows:
            - Texas King – 80" W x 98" L
            - Wyoming King – 84" W x 84" L
            - Vermont King (aka Alberta King) – 96" W x 96 L"


Finding these size mattresses for sale will require some searching. Finding high-quality bedding for these sizes will be even more of a challenge.


Internet searches often provide results for oversized bedding that are advertisements and links to a website, but more times than not, the linked site does not offer oversized bedding.


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An Alaskan King bed is the largest (standard size) bed,  measuring 108" W x 108"L.


If you are working with a custom mattress company or bedding company, the sizes of mattresses, and the associated bedding are endless. 


Other standard oversized beds include the following:

   - Vermont King 96" W x 96" L

   - Texas King 80" W x 98" L

   - Wyoming King 84" W x 84" L


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