Diamante Collection: Alaskan King Bedding

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Experience Unparalleled Luxury that is worthy of your gigantic bed with the VeroLinens Diamante Sheet Set for Alaskan King Size Beds

Elevate your sleep to new heights of opulence with the Vero Linens Diamante Sheet Set, designed exclusively for Alaskan King Size beds. You'll love the elegance of the white on white tuxedo stripe design.

Crafted with meticulous precision and an unwavering commitment to quality, this sheet set is the epitome of indulgence that will make your bedtime a truly extraordinary experience.

Why Choose the Vero Linens Diamante Sheet Set for Alaskan King Size?

  1. Perfectly Tailored: Customized to fit Alaskan King Size beds, these sheets provide a flawless, tailored fit that ensures your bed looks impeccable every day.

    1. Fitted sheet: (108" L x 108" W x 17" D),
    2. Flat sheet: (134"L x 144" W),
    3. Duvet cover w/4" flange: (122" L x 136" W),
    4. Pillowcases: King (42" L x 21" W), Standard (33" L x 21" W),
    5. Pillow shams: King (20 x 36"), Standard (20" x 26"), and Euro (26" x 26)
  2. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Our sheets are expertly crafted in Italy by Italian craftsman, from the finest long-staple Italian cotton, celebrated for its exceptional softness, durability, and breathability. You'll relish the sensation of these sheets against your skin that get softer and softer with use.

  3. Luxurious Comfort: Immerse yourself in the sumptuousness of 600-thread-count sateen woven sheets. The Diamante Sheet Set delivers an unparalleled smoothness and silky touch that guarantees a restful night's sleep.

  4. Elegantly Timeless: With a design featuring subtle tuxedo stripe of Diamante, these sheets add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom decor. Create an inviting and tasteful ambiance that reflects your personal style.

  5. Effortless Maintenance: While these sheets exude luxury, they are also incredibly practical. They remain supple and even more comfortable with each wash, ensuring long-lasting quality.

  6. In stock and ready to ship immediately.

Invest in the Vero Linens Diamante Sheet Set, and you'll unlock a world of comfort and style beyond your imagination. Why settle for ordinary bedding when you can embrace the extraordinary?

Transform your bedroom into a haven of lavish comfort and elegance. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience unmatched quality and comfort.

Order your Diamante Sheet Set today and elevate your sleep to a level of luxury you've always craved!

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Fitted sheet (108" L x 108" W x 17" D) and Flat sheet (134"L x 144" W) and Duvet cover w/4" flange (122" L x 136" W) and Pillowcases: King (42" L x 21" W) and Standard (33" L x 21" W) and Pillow shams: King (20 x 36") and Standard (20" x 26") and and Euro (26" x 26