The Perfect Gift

Looking for the a gift for that person that has everything or is impossible to buy for?

Luxury Linens are the Perfect Gift & here are 10 reasons why!

Many people overlook the idea of giving luxury bedding, we are not sure why they are so easy to purchase.
Below we have identified the top 10 reasons as to why a set of luxury Italian bed sheets are a great gift:

1. Bed sheets are used by everyone.
2. They are used every night. What other present have you purchased someone that is used every night?
3. Sizing is easy – most adults sleep on king or queen size beds.
     a. Sure, there are a few variations – Cal-king, full and twin.
4. Color is easy – in our estimate, 90% of what is purchased is white or ivory.
     a. Consider every hotel room you have slept in uses white sheets.
     b. If you’re on the fence – select white, it works with any decorating theme.
5. Who among us doesn’t care for a great set of bed sheets?
6. The finest bed sheets in the world are made in Italy – period.
7. A great set of sheets will provide a restful, enjoyable sleep experience for years and years.
8. White bed sheets never go out of style.
9. If the benefactor of these sheets is someone that you share the bed with, you get to enjoy them a well.
10. When sleeping on a great set of sheets, you can skip the use of jammies. Nothing feels better to your skin that a great set of bed sheets. Consider this somewhat of a cost-saving.


fine bed sheets from ItalyBest yet, at Vero, we sell our luxury linens Direct to Consumers – so the typical 225% to 250% markup isn’t in the price you pay for our linens. Our linens are about 60% lower in cost than like quality linens.

One can purchase a great set of Italian bed sheets at Vero between $300 to $600. Consider this a trip to the hair salon, they are less than a Louie Vuitton, a great dinner, a few good cigars or a good bottle of bourbon.
Don’t forget some of the other elements of a well-made bed such as new sleeping pillows, down comforter and duvet cover.

Have questions or need some assistance on how to put together a great looking bedding ensemble? Give us a call or send us an email.

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