What is a Flanged Border?

A flange is a decorative edge used in bedding

A Flanged Border is decorative strip of fabric that runs around edges of a Pillow ShamPillowcasesFlat Sheet or Duvet Cover.

  • A Flange gives these items a more formal and finished look.
  • On a Duvet Cover, it also increases the overall size of the cover, which can be beneficial when trying to cover today’s thicker mattresses.

All of Vero’s Duvet Covers are constructed with a 4” Flange on each side (giving an extra 8” to the overall width of the Duvet and 4” in length). Vero’s Pillowcases are finished with a 4” Hemstitched Flange, all or our Shams are finished with a 1 ½” Hemstitched Flange.

Here is a video explaining how to get your flanges to stand up straight.

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