What is a Flat sheet?

Flat Sheets

Why use a flat sheet

The Flat Sheet goes on top of the Fitted Sheet and is tucked between the mattress and the box spring at the foot of the bed.

  • The Flat Sheet is placed on the bed upside-down so that when the bed is made open the decorative finishing of the Sheet (Hemstitching or embroidery) is displayed.

Although in Europe many individuals do not use a Flat Sheet, we recommend using one as it provides a layer of protection for the Duvet Cover or blanket.

  • The Flat Sheet prevents body oil as well as other forms of soil from getting on the Duvet Cover. A
  • Although Cotton Duvet Covers are easily washed, a Flat Sheet is easier to wash and place on the bed than a Duvet Cover.
  • Using a Flat Sheet reduces the frequency that you would clean a Duvet Cover.

Below is our video that explains the advantages & disadvantages of using a flat sheet. 

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