Bed Sheets - properly caring for them

Bed Sheets - the best way to care for them!

Luxury Bed Sheets are cherished by many. Admittedly, they cost more than those that you find on Amazon or in department stores, but they feel so much nicer to the touch than lower quality bed sheets.

As a result of the additional cost, you will want to protect your investment by caring for them properly.

Now, luxury bed sheets don’t require a lot of extra care, as they are robust, but taking a few additional steps will add years of life to them.

In the wash cycle:

  • Set your water temperature at a warm or better yet, cool setting.
  • Wash them in a gentle cycle.
  • Only place one set of sheets in the washer at a time. Overloading the washing machine will not only create additional strain on the fabric, but your sheets will not be as clean.

Don't over load your wash machine

  • Never pour the detergent directly on the fabric. Instead, add your detergent, turn on your washer, let it fill about halfway up before adding your bed sheets.
  • To spot an area, take a small amount of detergent and dilute it with water than spot the area.
  • Avoid bleach, Oxi-Clean, and detergents such as Tide, All & Cheer. These detergents contain brighteners which are bleach derivatives.

Most recognized laundry detergents contain bleach dirivates

  • Use a mild detergent such as Dreft, Ivory of better yet, Le Blanc linen wash. Sold here

Leblanc Linen wash is formulated for cotton fabrics

  • Consider using a little less detergent than recommended, as if it is not thoroughly rinsed out, it can coat the sheets. This coating can collect dead skin cells and oils that can discolor your linens.
  • Don’t use fabric softener as this will leave a coating on your bed linens.
  • If you have dingy looking sheets, try washing them with a half cup of just white vinegar (no detergent) to strip out any possible detergent built up.

White vinegar will strip detergent residue from you sheets

  • Also, consider using a half to quarter cup of baking soda with each wash. Baking soda will keep your sheets fresh and bright.

Keep your sheets bright & fresh by washing them with Baking soda

  • The frequency of how often you wash your bed sheets will be a factor in keeping them white (at minimum wash them once a week).
    • Wash your pillowcases more frequently in the summer months, as people have a tendency to have more oil on their face during the warmer months.

King, Queen, Cal King Full size luxury beddingIn the dryer:

  • Only put one set of sheets in the drier at a time.
  • Use a cool to medium warm temperature setting.
  • High heat can damage the fiber and aid in the wrinkles you get.
    • As a side note, new sheets will wrinkle more than those that have been washed several times, as the fibers relax with age, and they are less prone to wrinkle.
  • Take your sheets out of the drier when they are slightly damp, and hand press them. Don’t over dry them.
  • Don’t use dryer sheets, as this will add a coating to your bed linens that can build up with dead skin, oil, and other stuff, making them look dingy.

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