What are European (Euro) or Continental Shams

Euro Shams   

Euro or Continental shams are 26

These large 26-inch square Decorative Pillows are typically placed against the headboard to dress up the bed, they also provide extra support for sitting up, reading, or watching TV in bed. 

  • Place or position the Euro Pillow on edge (vs. lying them flat), then place your Sleeping Pillows or Pillow Shams, in front of them.
  • Ideally (2) or (3) are used with a Queen bed and (3) or (4) with a King bed.
  • Not only are Euro Shams functional, they add a great fill and height to the bed, giving it a look of “many Pillows”.
  • For those that don’t have a headboard, Euros Shams are a great head of the bed decoration. 

Diamante Luxury Bed Sheets

We recommend using a Feather fill on all Pillow Shams, as the cost is less than a Down equivalent and a Feather insert is marginally more expensive than a synthetic fill. 

  • We don’t recommend synthetic fills as they have a tendency to knot up or ball up and do not fill out the corners of the Pillow Sham well. 

As a tip, consider using (2) different color Euro Shams. That is, if you are using (3) Euro Shams, consider a different color for the Pillow Sham in the center (vs. the Shams on the outboard edges of the bed). 

  • The variation in color will add a little interest to the look of the bed. 

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