How long do bed sheets last?

 Luxury bed linens can last 10 to 12 years if properly cared for.

Updated 1/2020
High-quality bed sheets, if properly cared for, can last for many years. However, several factors can detract from their life. Lower-quality sheets typically wear out sooner.
Many think that luxury or high-quality sheets are delicate; this is not the case.

Things that can provide longer life to a sheet.

Higher quality grades of cotton:

  • Because more expensive sheets are typically made from higher-quality cotton, they should outperform lower quality lesser costly sheets.
  • The grade of cotton is one of the key ingredients in the life of a bedsheet.
  • Cotton is graded based on several different characteristics.
  • Fiber length and strength are 2 of the more relevant attributes that influence the longevity of a bedsheet.
  • Sheets produced from long and extra-long-staple cotton, which are exceptional grades, should feel nicer to the touch and last longer than sheets made from sub-standard cotton.
    • Shorter fibers can contribute to a sheet pilling.
    • Fabric made from shorter fibers can also unravel easier, overtime these loose fibers may break off.
    • Higher thread count sheets contain more cotton, so they may last longer than lower thread count sheets.

High quality cotton fabric

Avoid high heat in the washer and dryer:

  • Wash and dry in a cool setting.Luxury bedding
  • Only wash one set of sheets at a time; doing so will keep your sheets cleaner and reduce stress on the fabric created from an overloaded wash machine.

Use a mild detergent:

  • Consider a detergent such as Dreft or Ivory, better yet, consider using Le Blanc linen wash – sold here.
  • Avoid bleach and brighteners.

Things that can detract from a sheet’s life.

  • Low grades of cotton:
  • Notice the difference in the length of these cotton fibers. 
  • Exposure to high heat.

Harsh detergents and abrasion:

  • Detergents such as Tide and All contain brighteners, which are bleach derivatives.
  • Body hair stubble can abrade the sheets.
  • Likely not controllable, restless sleepers and heavier people create more friction and wear on a bedsheet. 

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