Are expensive sheets worth the price?

Are luxury bedsheets worth the extra dollars?

Bed sheets are found at many different price points, but we believe that the more expensive luxury linens are worth the investment.

Updated 2/2020

Next time you look for bed sheets on the internet, you will find there is an endless selection of options ranging in price from $50 to upwards of $1,000. There are also a variety of thread count claims as well. Then you might ask yourself, how can there be such a wide price difference in all of these?
There are a few factors that determine the price and quality of bed sheets.
Here a few of the reasons:
Materials used:

  • Likely the most important factor influencing the price of sheets is the quality of the materials that go into its’ construction. As with most things, there are different grades of materials. This is true with wood, carpet, steel, cars, diamonds, watches, and the list goes on.
  • Cotton is no exception. Many do not realize there are dozens of grades of cotton.
  • Shown below is an excellent visual representation of this.

Different length of cotton

  • Cotton is graded on several characteristics, with fiber length, strength, diameter, and color being 4 of the more important ones.
  • The longer, stronger, and thinner the fibers are, the more expensive the raw cotton becomes.
  • The small yellow cluster is likely the inferior grade of cotton used in the 1,000 thread count sheets you see selling for $50.
  • Many unscrupulous companies label their sheets as 100% Egyptian cotton. There is likely 50 times more Egyptian cotton sold than grown. This is a false claim.
  • Today cotton can be DNA tested to determine where it was grown, so this practice is likely to shrink going forward.
  • The problem with these lower grades of cotton is they are more inclined to pill and wear out quickly. They frequently feel scratchy next to the skin.
  • One should look for long and extra-long staple cotton.
  • With the use of better-quality cotton, the sheet should become softer and softer with each washing.
  • Two of the unfortunate things sheet makers have been known to overstate are the grades of cotton and thread count of their sheets. However, price is generally a good indicator.

To put this in better perspective:
Our Diamante fabric costs about $20 USF per meter. It takes about 8 meters of fabric to produce a King flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pair of pillowcases, representing $160 in fabric cost. The sheets still need to be cut, sewn, packaged, shipped, and have duty applied. In addition, profit needs to be added to the product.

Country of origin:
Bedsheets produced in 3rd world countries are often inferior in quality than those made elsewhere.
As an accepted rule of thumb, bedsheets made in Europe (specifically) Italy are much higher quality in both the material used in their construction and finishing (embellishments such as embroidery, hemstitching, and stitches per inch).

Luxury items do cost more, and people enjoy luxury products.
One of our favorite brands to compare to is Louis Vuitton. A Louie bag can cost several thousands of dollars. Although it is made from plastic-coated canvas (invented to be a low-cost substitute to leather), it is made well and may last 7 to 10 years. 

A Louis Vuitton hand bag costs more than a great set of sheets

Rolex watches are coveted by many. They are exceptionally well made and likely will be passed to generations of users, but the cell phone in your pocket keeps better time.

Rolex watches cost more that luxury linens and don't keep better time than a smart phone

Then there’s our very favorite item to compare – Louboutin shoes. They are crazy expensive. They likely hurt your feet and will be out of style in 4 to 6 months. 

Louboutin shoes shoes cost 4 times a set of luxury sheets

Best quality bed sheets, available in king, Cal-King, Queen, Full & Split King

Now compared to those items, luxury linens may make some sense. They are used eight hours every night, and as stated above, with proper care may last for 12 years. So, the $600 set of sheets, when amortized over 4,380 nights comes to about $0.14 a night. 

Now compared to those items, luxury linens may make some sense. They are used eight hours every night, and as stated above, with proper care may last for 12 years. So, the $600 set of sheets, when amortized over 4,380 nights, comes to about $0.14 a night.

Expensive Bed sheets FAQ 

What is thread count?

Thread count is the number of threads in one square of fabric.

Higher thread count does not mean the bedsheet is higher quality than a lower thread count sheet.

  • Learn more why thread count is a secondary consideration when buying sheets in our article “What is Thread Count.”

How can I stop my bed sheets from pilling?

To help stop bed sheets from pilling, choose care when washing and avoid exposing the sheets to harsh detergents, bleach or high heat. But no matter how careful you are, sheets made from poor grades of cotton do tend to pill, which is another great reason to invest in high quality bed sheets.

How long will bed sheets last?

  • The longevity of a bed sheet is influenced by many factors, including the quality of the fabric and how you care for it.
  • To learn how to make your sheets last longer, read our article “The best way to caring for bedsheets.”

What are the different types of weaves used in bed linens?

What are the different fibers used in bed linens?