Are expensive sheets worth the price?

Luxury bed sheets can be a splurge purchase, but here's why they are worth it. 

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One of the main reasons luxury linens carry a high price tag is because they are made of high-quality cotton, which is not cheap. But you can feel the luxury the very first time you lay down on those soft, welcoming sheets. These elegant linens are worth the cost as they will last up to 10 years with appropriate care. They will also become even softer after each washing. 

Luxury linens are so soft that you won’t even need to sleep in pajamas. 

It is also important to keep in mind that buying expensive bed linens is the same as purchasing any other luxury item. For example, a Louis Vuitton bag may sell for over $1,000. While those bags are well made, they are probably not going to last 10 years. 

A Louis Vuitton hand bag costs more than a great set of sheets

Rolex watches cost exceedingly more than luxury linens, although a cell phone often keeps better time than a Rolex. Meanwhile, Christian Louboutin shoes sell for well over $1,000 a pair, they likely hurt your feet and don’t remain in style for more than a year. These are still luxury items, but they are limited in use over the course of a decade.  Compared to those items, luxury linens are a very economical purchase. 

Rolex watches cost more that luxury linens and don't keep better time than a smart phoneLouboutin shoes shoes cost 4 times a set of luxury sheets

So, let’s do some math.   

If luxury bed sheets cost $600 a set, and you will have them for a period of 8 to 10 years, then it averages out to cost you $0.16 per night. It is unlikely that any luxury bag, watch, or pair of shoes can make such a claim.    

That means that comfort and style can be yours for pennies a day. You are definitely worth the price of luxury, which can be yours for the low cost of $0.16 a day. 

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