Picture of a Matelasse

Matelassé (mat-la-zay) is a single-ply fabric that typically is woven with a pattern.

  • Matelassé fabrics are generally used as Coverlets or Decorative Shams in any size.
  • Matelassé fabric is thicker than a sheet grade fabric and is quite durable offering a more tailored look to the top of the bed.
  • Blankets are frequently used underneath a Matelassé to provide additional warmth.

As a helpful tip, Matelassé fabric will shrink as much as 5% to 7%, which is more than the typical Flat or Fitted Sheet (which typically shrink 3% to 5%).

 As a result consider having it professionally laundered where the cleaner can block the fabric to minimize shrink during the drying process or insure that if you wash it yourself, use warm water (vs. hot) and if possible, air dry the Matelassé.

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Here is a  video that shows how to make your bed with a Coverlet - but the same applies with a Matelasse.

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