Why Luxury Italian Bed Linens are the Perfect Wedding Gift

The perfect wedding gift.

Several of the traditional customs that we see in weddings in the US stemmed from Eastern Europe. With many originating from Italy.

Luxury bed linens are the perfect wedding gift

Items such as:

  • The practice of gift giving
  • Bridal Veils
  • Engagement rings

All have roots in European culture.

For the most part, we don’t see dowries, but the traditional items that might be in a dowry are often given by parents, guests, or attendees of the wedding.

If you have ever seen (one of my favorite movies) Fiddler on the Roof, you may recall the scene where the Russian soldiers invade Motel and Tzeitel’s wedding and destroy all of the bedding that was provided by their attendees. Among the Jewish faith, bedding and linens are very traditional gifts that are still given today.

Traditional wedding gifts might include.

Stemware, table linens, bath towels, fine china & luxury bed linens are exceptional wedding gifts.

  • Kitchen and bathroom towels
  • Bed linens - sheets (sheet sets), pillows and pillowcases, duvet covers, and down comforters
  • Bathroom linens (towels, mats, and rugs)
  • Table linens (with or without napkin holders or napkin rings)

Luxury bed linens are a perfect gift and one the new couple may not splurge on for themselves, due to the many other expenses associated with creating a new household.

Every bride and groom are going to remember the gifts that provide longevity and practicality, and luxury bed sheets fit that bill.


  • Everyone uses bed sheets
  • They are used every night
  • With proper care, they may last for 10 years or more
  • And best yet, sleeping on luxury bedding feels terrific next to the skin, and as we have always said, with a good set of sheets, pajamas are never required.

As the gift giver, color and size are easy to manage.
Stick with neutral tones – white or ivory

Diamante Luxury Bed SheetsIf you’re on the fence – go with white, this color works in virtually any room's décor. Because white sheets look clean and fresh, they are found in 95% of all hotel rooms, from the budget hotel to the Presidential Suites. On top of that, who would not love a set of white luxury bed linens?

The world’s best linens have always come from Italy and that remains true to this very day.

Luxury Italian Linens - the gift that is used and appreciated every night for years and years.

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