What is a Hemstitch?

 Hem-stitched bed linens...

Hemstitched bed sheet

Hemstitching is a classic detail used for decorative purposes in fine bed linens.  

The Hemstitching Process

The process of hemstitching involves pulling out several strands of parallel thread from the sheet. This results in the creation of a small void in either the weft thread or warp. Next, the remaining threads in this area are cinched up, creating a small ornate hole that is considered quite decorative. The cinching part of the process was once done by hand, but is now completed with the use of a machine.  

The Hemstitching detail used in bedding is typically found on the following areas: 


Woman making the perfect bedThis technique can make ornate designs using numerous types of fabrics. Also, hemstitching is not required to be positioned on the hem or flange of the fabric and can be found in various areas of a garment.  

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