Lose weight by sleeping naked!

Yeah, that's right - lose weight  by sleeping naked...

It has always been our contention that you don’t need any pajamas when you sleep on Vero luxury linens. Our bed linens are just that comfortable. 

There are other benefits of sleeping without clothes as evidenced by the claims of Dr. Travis Stork of the television show The Doctors. Dr. Stork actually suggests people can lose weight by sleeping naked. That is one more reason to clear out your entire pajama drawer. Check out the following video for more details.

Dr. Stork bases his theory on the notion that sleeping naked lowers your core body temperature and cortisol levels. That, in turn, causes you to burn more calories and also get a better night of sleep.  

He also points out that you’ll be more inclined to have sex with your bed-mate, which will lead to burning off even more calories.  

We say, why not give it a try? What have you to lose, other than weight!  


With good sheets, no pajama's are needed & you might even lose weight

When it comes time to shop for new bedding products, Vero Linens has everything you need to create a luxurious sleep experience. Choose from our vast supply of luxury linens, which include cozy warm down comforters, sateen duvet covers and the softest sleeping pillows you can find. Vero Linens is ready to make over your bed with luxury and comfort. 

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