What is a Fitted Sheet

The fitted sheet, also referred to as a contour sheet is just that, a sheet is sewn with elastic, either on each of the (4) corners or on the entire perimeter (called a shower cap design).

Fitted sheets should be elasticized 

  • fitted sheet is placed over the mattress.
  • With today’s thicker mattresses, look for a deep pocket sheet.
    • Vero’s fitted sheets are made with an extra deep 17” pocket and are generous enough to fit almost any mattress.
    • Most Luxury Linen manufacturers produce their fitted sheets with a 14" to 17" pocket. 

Although there may be some minor variation in size of mattresses by manufacturer, mattresses are generally sized as follows: 


39" x 75"

EX Long Twin…..

39" x 80"

Full or Double.….

54" x 75"


60" x 80"


78" x 80"

California King…

72" x 84"

It is important that one understand what size your Mattress is, as well as how thick your mattress is. 

  • Below we have  2 You Tube videos that show you additional information on mattress sizes and how to properly measure the thickness of your mattress.


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