Bedding Tips for the Summer

Summertime bedding tips...

There is nothing quite like than jumping into a freshly-made bed topped with an incredible set of luxury linens.

Nothing feels nice than hoping into a clean bed

The warmer months may cause some people change up their bedding dynamic. Some people feel their down comforter and duvet cover combination to be a little too warm for the summer. However, people who live in homes that are equipped with air conditioning never have to say goodbye to their down comforters. In those homes, there is little fluctuation in temperatures from summer to winter. In fact, some homes may be even colder in the summer because the AC is kicked up. So here are some helpful bedding tips for the summer. 

  • Most people do not like to part with their down comforters at all, so a feasible solution would be to use (2) down comforters and change them out with the seasons. This is quite common as people use a warmer comforter for the cooler months and a lighter-weight comforter for the summer. 
  • People who do not care to use a duvet and down comforter combo in the summer could consider using a lightweight down blanket. They may also opt for a matelassé or coverlet in addition to a lightweight cotton blanket. 
  • Oversized luxury coverlets available in king & queens sizeMatelassé is actually heavy, thick textile that sometimes looks like it is padded or quilted. The reality is there is no padding at all within the fabric. Matelassé also provides an appealing and finished look. However, it is a good idea to use a top sheet and lightweight cotton or down blanket because the fabric in the matelassé may feel a bit stiff. Certain manufacturers are now producing pre-washed cotton Matelassé, which is less stiff and more pliable. 
  • Quilted coverlets also provide an appealing and finished look to the top of the bed and they are very comfortable to sleep in. A quilted coverlet consists of two layers of cotton with a thin batting in between, which is usually poly or cotton. The fabric is then quilted into a decorative design. Many quilted coverlets are washable. To shop for our quilted coverlets click here. 

Here is a You Tube video demonstrating how to decorate your bed with a Coverlet.


  • Most people launder their sheets more often during the summer months. This is mainly because we tend to produce more body oil and perspiration. As a result, linens do not feel as clean by the end of the week.   
  • If you can’t find the time to wash your sheets once a week, you might want to have extra pillowcases on hand and change them out in the middle of the week.  This is a quick and easy way to freshen up your bed.   
  • Using natural fibers with your bedding serves as an excellent way to be more comfortable when you sleep. This applies to your sheets and your top of the bed pieces. Natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, have better wicking properties, which keeps you cooler by drawing moisture from your body.   

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