How to tell when it is time to replace your Down Comforter

Down Comforters do wear out!

Down comforters (also known as a duvet) are likely the most popular top of the bed cover in the US. However, down comforters do have a life expectancy. They generally last 10 to 15 years. A couple of factors influence the life of one.

Down comforters typically wear out in the area directly over your shoulders, this is due to the amount of tossing and turning the person underneath the comforter subjects them too. Restless sleepers wear their comforters out faster than people that don’t move around in bed too much. Aggressive tossing and turning creates friction between the down clusters causing them to degrade and turn into dust, which then migrates out of the cover (read more below or watch our video).


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Baffle Box Down Comforters

Another factor that can influence the amount of wear they are subject too is how much time someone lays on top of it. You want to avoid laying on top of them as this will shorten the life of one if you do.

Here is an easy way to check the condition of your comforter.
Take the duvet cover off the comforter and hold the comforter up to a room light or window. If the compartments are void of down you will immediately see it.

Replace your worn out down comforter

We have seen comforters with literally no down in some of the compartments. As a result, no insulating value is being provided in those areas. If this is the case with your comforter, you should consider replacing it.

At Vero Linens we offer three different levels of warmth in our down comforters, so there is one that will meet your specific sleeping needs. Our down comforters are made with a baffle box, which is a premium construction style.

Below we have provided some links that you may find helpful as well as one article that explains what you should consider when purchasing your next comforter.

Below is a video offering some helpful hints you can use to identify the various down comforter styles and also what to be on the lookout for when shopping around for a new one.


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