How to tell when it is time to replace your Down Comforter

Down Comforters do wear out!

Updated 1/2020
Unfortunately, down comforters don’t last forever. A down comforter also called a duvet (vs. a duvet cover), is likely the most popular bed cover. This is because they are lightweight, non-constricting and cozy warm. A down comforter should last between 10 and 15 years. However, there are some things that can influence their life.

In the below video we demonstrate how to tell if your comforter needs to be replaced.

Three of the most significant influencers are:

  • How restless the sleeper is.
  • The frequency a person (or pet) spends lying on top of them.
  • The quality of the down comforter.

The area that typically wears out first is the area directly over the shoulders of the sleeper(s). This is due to the friction that is created (more so with side sleepers) as some toss and turn at night. This friction degrades the down. The down clusters abrade against themselves and the down fibers eventually break off and turn into dust.

  • A still sleeper will get more life from one than an aggressive type of sleeper.
  • Laying on top of the comforter has the same effect, your body weight can crush the down clusters.
  • The 3rd factor is the quality of the shell or ticking of the comforter. Lower thread count shells allow more space for the down to find its way out of the shell. Lower thread count shells can also sound scratchy inside the duvet cover.

So how do you tell if your down comforter needs replacing?

  • Take your comforter out of the duvet cover and hold it up to a room light or window.
  • Look specifically at the compartments that would be over the sleeper's shoulders.

As shown below, if the comforter is worn-out, you will see the compartments void of down. 

Replace your worn out down comforter

  • The one shown is not to the point where it needs replacing as there is still some down in the compartment. We recommend comparing these shoulder area compartments to other compartments in the comforter. But this comforter will need replacing within a few years.
  • We have seen down comforters where virtually all of the down is gone in these compartments. As a result, there is no insulating value with these compartments.
  • One thing that you may consider; once or twice a year, rotate the comforter 180 °, bringing the shoulder area down to where your feet would be and the area over your feet to the shoulder area. This can add additional life to the comforter. As well, refrain from lying on top of it.

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In addition, we have provided some links to articles that you may find helpful as well.

The below video identifies some of the various styles available in the market and what to look for when purchasing your next one.


Baffle Box Down ComfortersDown Comforter FAQ

How to clean a down comforter?

  • Some manufacturers recommend dry cleaning a comforter, while others recommend laundering them.
  • We recommend laundering them at least once a year.
  • Read our article on “why we recommend cleaning them at a laundromat here” vs. trying to clean them at home.

What is the best type of down comforter?

What is the difference between down and feather?

  • There is much more feather on any bird than down.
  • Feather is the visible outer layer while down is typically found under the larger more structured feather.
  • Down has an almost undetectable quill. 
  • Down has little structure but traps more air which provides insulation to the bird as well as a comforter or garment.
  • Down is more prevalent in the breast area of a bird. There is significantly more feather on a bird than down, making feather less costly. 
  • Read our article to learn more about “the difference between down and feather here.”

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