There is a difference between down & feather

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Down and feather are not one in the same. One of the primary differences is that feather has a noticeable quill and is also much denser than down. Meanwhile, down has much less structure along with a very small quill which is pretty much undetectable. 

 Feather has a define quill

Where does down come from? 

In order to fully understand the differences between down and feather, there is a need to understand where both come from. Birds of all kind have both down and feathers, but that doesn’t mean just any can be used in pillows. Waterfowl produce the down that is used in sleeping pillows, jackets and comforters

The down is found mostly in the breast area of the bird and the amount of feathers greatly outnumber the down. That is why down is generally three to four times more expensive than the price of feather. 


How is down processed?

The best down sleeping pillows & down comfortersDown must be separated from feathers, although it is not really a sophisticated process. They are both inserted into a large chamber and then air is sent flowing through. Air jets actually loft the down and feather and then the air flow is stopped. 

This results in the heavier feathers falling to the bottom of the chamber as the down settles at the top because it is much lighter. Both the down and feather is then removed from the chamber so that it can be graded and used accordingly. 

Both down and feather make excellent fillings for sleeping pillows & down comforters.

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More facts about down and feather: 

  • A down cluster is unstructured and that allows it to trap more air. It is that air that actually provides insulation.
  • The down does not actually generate heat; what it does is hold in your body heat.
  • Sleeping pillows are made with down, feather or a combination of both.
  • Feather pillows are usually firmer than down pillows because of a feathers density and more structured nature.  

Down and feather have both become the most popular filling used in sleeping pillows. It is our belief that down and feather unquestionably makes the best sleeping pillow.  

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