How long should a down comforter last?

  A down comforters life will vary, here's why.

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It is inevitable that your down comforter will wear out, although how long it lasts is largely dependent upon how you care for it. Here are some facts about down comforters:  

  • A down comforter should last between 10 and 15 years
  • A down comforter could last 20 years or more with proper care  
In order to maximize the life of your down comforter, follow these rules:  
  • Do not lay on top of your down comforter
  • Do not jump on your down comforter
  • Protect your down comforter with a duvet cover, so you are not continually laundering it. 

It is important to resist the urge to hop on your nicely-made bed after a long day. What will happen is the friction will break down the clusters in your down comforter and start to grind them into dust.

Luxury Baffle Box Down comforters

  A down comforter will start showing the first signs of wear in the shoulder area. This is due to the friction that is induced by your shoulders when you turn from side to side while sleeping. Here are a couple of more professional bedding insights:   


The Best Down ComforterRestless sleepers will wear out their down comforter quicker than those who sleep with less movement.  If you're not sure if your comforter needs replacing, holding it up in a lighted room or up against natural light will show you if there are any worn-out compartments. If those compartments are indeed worn, then it is time for a new down comforter. 

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