Different types of Pillow fillings

The best filling for pillows.

Different types of Pillow fillings  

There are many different materials used as filling in sleeping pillows. Some of those fillings include latex, all different kinds of foam, buckwheat, and spun polyester as the list goes on and on. However, no kind of filling is better than down, feather or a combination of both. These are easily the most popular and comfortable sleeping pillows on the market today. Here is a closer look at the various kinds of pillow fillings.  

Feather and down  

There is a difference between down and feather

  • There is a difference between feather and down as feather has a more defined structure. The quill used in feather pillows is noticeable and makes the pillows feel much denser. This also gives it more weight, making feather a firmer pillow than down.   
  • The quill used in down is much smaller and barely noticeable. That provides down pillows with an undefined structure and makes it the softest of all pillow fillings.  
  • Feather and down combinations have different ratios as some have more down and vice versa. This provides a kind of middle ground between feather and down. The combination makes pillows not too soft and not too firm.   


  • Polyester filled pillows cost much less that down or feather pillows. Very thin threads of polyester fill out these pillows, but they can be problematic because they have a tendency to become knotted and bunch up over time. This can make the pillow feel lumpy. 

Compartment pillow 

  • Our Compartment pillow is our most popular sleeping pillow. Its construction is very unique in that it is a pillow within a pillow. The pillow’s core consists of a smaller feather pillow and it is encased in a larger compartment that is stuffed with down.  
  • This particular pillow is very well received because it has the best of both worlds; the softness of down and the firmness of feather.  

Below is a video explaining the difference between Down & Feather. 

Sleeping pillows do not last forever. If you get 8 to 10 years of use out of a pillow, then you have really maximized its life. Here are some more pillow tips from the pros. 

Over the course of time, pillows can get very dirty, so they should be cleaned regularly. Using a pillow protector will keep your pillow much cleaner, thereby increasing its life. Pillow protectors are also washable and can be easily removed. 

Even down and feather pillows will degrade over time. The weight of your head breaks down the filling, which eventually turns into dust and makes its way out of your pillow shell.  

  • If you purchase a new sleeping pillow and find that it’s too full or firm, you can remove some of the stuffing. However, do not attempt this unless you know how to sew your pillow back up. Be very careful when doing this as down has a tendency to go everywhere when you open up your pillow. Its best to attempt this outside.  

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