Our Compartment pillow is our most popular sleeping pillow, it generously filled and provides wonderful neck support and softness. Constructed from both down and feather.  It is available in standard and king sizes.
Our compartment pillows offer the firmness and support of feather and the softness of down.
Our Compartment pillow is our most popular sleeping pillow, it generously filled and provides wonderful neck support and softness. Constructed from both down and feather.  It is available in standard and king sizes.
Our compartment pillows offer the firmness and support of feather and the softness of down.

Generously Filled Down & Feather Compartment Pillows

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The perfect Down/Feather sleeping pillow.

Our luxurious compartment pillow is our most popular sleeping pillow and has been used in tens of thousands of hotel rooms.

  • Down Feather Compartment sleeping pillows, available in standard & king sizesThis pillow features 3 compartments. The inner core is filled with supportive firmer feathers and the 2 outer sections with luxurious soft down.
  • This distinctive design creates a sleeping pillow that keeps the down from flattening the way ordinary sleeping pillows will. The inner core of feathers provides firm support, while the outer layers of down provide billowy softness. You get the best of both worlds - support and firmness of the feather and the softness of Down.
  • Our comfortable Down/Feather pillow gives you the right amount of support where you need it most.
  • Hypoallergenic, all of our Down and Feather undergoes a 7-stage washing and sanitizing process.
  • Perfect sleeping pillow for side, back or stomach sleepers.
  • Our compartment (or chamber) pillow provides excellent neck and head support.
  • 100% Cotton Down Proof shell.
  • Machine Washable. Made in the USA.
  • To enhance the longevity of your pillow, a cotton pillow protector is recommended. 
  • Money back guarantee (see our return policy for details).

Don't forget to add some pillow protectors to your pillow order to keep your pillow clean and fresh.

idfl certified down

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Available In King (20” x 36”), and Standard (20” x 26”)


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Down & Feather...

This pillow is very nice and a great price. It is soft up to a point, then firm. So the 4 rating is just because of personal preference I found I would prefer more softness, and I guess to get this you may need an all down pillow, which would cost a lot more. So for what it is, it probably deserves a 5 rating, but I couldn’t give it one because it is not the perfect pillow for me. (But it is what it says it is and I’m keeping it!) Yvonne Guthrie

I’m a pillow thief.!

Bought the down/feather compartment pillow for my husband and he immediately loved it to replace a worn down one! I’m a custom down girl but find I want one for myself. A girl can never have too many pillows! Nancy Leigh Elliott

Call me a pillow thief!

Bought the down/feather compartment pillow for my husband and he immediately loved it to replace a worn down one! I’m a custom down girl but find I want one for myself. A girl can never have too many pillows! Nancy Leigh

Down Comforter

Most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. Will be purchasing more - for certain. Linda


We are very happy with the compartment pillows from you folks. Excellent quality and also customer service. Highly recommend. Deb

Compartment pillows

These are the best pillows I’ve had in a long time. Purchased several pillows from department stores and had to return them. I love that these pillows are breathable. I no longer wake up with my face wet from sweating. Tina

Great Pillows!

I have had my pillows for just over two months and have loved them. It is just the right amount of support and softness, and can easily be adjusted to whatever shape I need to support my head & neck. Before finding Vero, I tried countless pillows over the past two years only to be stiff/sore or disappointed when they didn't hold their shape well. My Vero pillows have literally helped me sleep better and with no more neck pain! I also bought the protective covers, which are also fantastic. Heather H.

Compartment Pullow

After speaking to Steve at Vero Linens my mind was pretty set to order the compartment pillows and the Light weight Summer warmth comforter. I had diligently been shopping since Thanksgiving and just couldn’t decide on who to trust with a pretty pricey purchase. After speaking to a real person and getting the facts about their products I proceeded with my order. So happy with the purchases. Product meets and exceeds my expectations. I’ll be replacing all my pillows as I can squeeze into my budget. Just do it !!!! You won’t be disappointed. Pam


Thank you for having a real person on the phone to explain your products. Appreciate American companies and American workers. Looking forward to more great linens from you as my Budget affords Pam


So happy with my new pillows they offer the right amount of support and also a great price compared to other pillows that don't have the same support. Simone


I’ve emailed Vero Linens about a year ago on the topic of pillows. Loved your pillows at the Inn at St. Johns. Marlene


I can not begin to tell you much I love my new pillows. The last two nights I have had the best sleep in years. Your products are like you STELLAR. Thanks for taking the time to provide a great product and caring about the consumer. The best to you and your company. Eileen

Love all the bedding & pillows

Hi Steve, I love the bedding I ordered from you guys. I'm pretty certain I have the most comfortable little spot on the planet in my bed, thanks to you. I'll recommend you whenever I can. Wishing you continued success, Kevin Kevin

Well made with quality materials

I did not find this pillow to be as soft and lofty as I anticipated but it is still quite comfortable. I like the support that is gives my head and neck but would prefer a bit more down to give a softer feel on top of the support. I am satisfied but would love to see a loftier version offered for those of us who like lush support in a pillow Beth

Compartment pillow

The pillows are great. I use the king size feather pillows when watching TV or working on the computer and the compartment pillow under the down to sleep. My head sinks into the Diamante covered down pillow, next thing I know the alarm is going off. James

Compartment pillows

This is my first down pillow. I'm a side sleeper and it's very comfortable. It's fluffy, but provides good head and neck support. It's luxurious comfort. I bought 6 to replace all our bedroom pillows. Very satisfied with this product. Donna Minor

Love! Love! Love!

Purchased these pillows and they did not disappoint. They are soft but supportive for your Head and neck. I love how they snap back into their original shape after a good nights rest. Vero linens products are high quality and I would recommend to just about anyone. I don't toss and turn anymore. Thank you!!! Natalie Rodriguez

We absolutely love the pillows and comforter!

My pillow is the 100% down one and my heads is cradled just perfectly; I have several disc in my neck that are bulging and this pillow fits the bill for my type of keeping on my back or side just right. My husband is a back and side sleeper, but much larger than me and he prefers a pillow with a little more support. This pillow having the extra support in the center, then the down all around it gives him the chance to experience the yummy feeling of a cushioned pillow, with the support he needs! The comforter is like a dream. My Mom and Dad had a down comforter that I loved and I purchased one. I say my relationship with that comforter is 'love- hate", because it feels so lovely, but then..it's too heavy and makes my feet feel like they're being pulled downward..ugh (not your comforter)! Watching your short videos proved much help for us in our decision buying. You provided us the perfect information to make educated buys! We will be back for more of your products! Dee

Heavenly sheets & pillows

I bought the fitted sheets plus the flat one, and two pillows and cases from Vero Linens. The quality is truly superior and makes all the difference. I don't know why I didn't buy luxury linens before. As a big plus, customer service is outstanding. Paula

I love my down pillow and my compartment pillow

As I advance into my dotage I have decided that I should pay more attention to my sleeping arrangements. It never occurred to me that the bed and sleep were anymore than an inconvenience I had to put up with in the course of my day. No longer was I satisfied with just any mattress so I went out on a mission and found one that was actually comfortable for me. Next were the linens and coverings. This was more challenging since I had purchased my linens from big box stores I had no idea what was out there. I began studying the subject more intently. During my investigation I came upon Steve and Vero Linens. I was held spellbound by the informational snippets found on You Tube which opened a whole new world to me. I soon ordered a set of sheets and like Steve said, they were wonderful. I could tell the difference! I learned to launder them correctly and they continue to improve with age. I then waited awhile and this winter decided my old bones needed something more than a twenty year old comforter and some equally ancient blankets. I again researched and there was Steve once again unlocking the mysteries of buying down comforters. I ordered one and couldn't wait to try it out. Once again Steve knew what he was talking about. Getting into bed under those wonderful sheets and this luxurious comforter was like re entering the womb!! Almost like being suspended in air. The only thing missing were pillows. I didn't waste time, I immediately sought out Steve and purchased two pillows. If you've never had a down pillow you're missing out! Just enhances the other facets of the sleeping experience. Now I spend my evening looking at the clock, just counting down the minutes til I can justify going to bed. In the morning I don't look at the clock because I don't want to be made to feel like I have to leave this haven of comfort and delight. The only down side to this experience is that Steve gets in your head. I can't do anything with my linens but his appropriate vignette pops up in my minds eye telling me what to do. Small price to pay I suppose for making this part of my life that much more enjoyable. :) Robert

I love my new pillows!

The pillows are magnificent, I had no idea what I've been missing all these years. I love my new fresh pillows, I love the compartment pillow and it provides great support. I also love the down pillow… Thank you for the time that you spent talking to me I had no idea how wonderful a good pillow could be!!!!!. I do like my robe and the smaller size is definitely for me Lois Lois

I have never seen pillows like this before and love them

I was first put on to Vero Linens by Antonio Centeno of RealMenRealStyle. I was intrigued, and since I needed some new bedding stuff, I decided to check them out. I had some questions about pillows, as well as my mattress sleeping hot, and I contacted Vero through email. I received a very thorough and detailed response from Steve himself, and that made me much more comfortable with the whole process. It’s really important that a company has great, knowledgeable support who fights to get the customer exactly what they need. I ended up ordering some pillows and a mattress pad, special order, from Steve, and they are all on like a new level. I have never seen pillows like this before and love them. I think I will upgrade all of my bedding eventually (budget concerns so I can’t do it all at once) because it really is worth it. I have also recommended Vero Linens to my parents for their bed. Rob W.

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