Cotton Zippered Pillow Protectors


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Protect your sleeping pillow with a Pillow Protector.

Pillow Protectors are a great inexpensive way to keep your sleeping pillow fresh and clean. Body oil and other stuff will leach through your pillowcase and soil it. Most pillows can be washed, but it is a little more involved. Adding a Pillow Protector will add years of life to your sleeping pillow.

  • Made of Cotton.
  • Zipper closure, so it is easy to put on and take off.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in King & Queen size.

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An affordable way to protect your pillows:
  • Made from 100% cotton, these soft, zippered covers extend the life of your pillows by keeping them fresh and clean.
  • Machine washable.
  • White.
  • Standard size 20” x 26”.
  • King size 20” x 36”.
Highest standard: IDFL Seal for highest quality
IDFL means: This global standard certifies that our Down&Feather suppliers respect & in compliance with the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare and confirms: NO live plucking, NO force feeding and that our products are sourced as a byproduct from the food industry.

Customer Reviews (2)

pillow protectors

I have pillow protectors on every pillow we have. When you purchase luxury items of high quality, why wouldn't you want to keep them protected? It's inexpensive insurance for those wonderful pillows! Dee Rhodes

Lightbulb moment

I have always had the yellow stained pillows and just assumed that everyone else did as well. I never considered using a pillow protector or even if there was such a thing. I appreciate that Vero Linens recommended this item while I was checking out their pillows. I love that it protects my pillow, not only from, well, drool, but also cat hair and my hair and makeup. Genius. Sara
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