Are expensive pillows worth the price? Yes!

The best sleeping pillows...

Good Pillows make a better night's sleep... 

There is not a whole lot of debate to this question as it should be an emphatic yes. Expensive pillows are typically defined by their filling and the two most popular and comfortable pillows are down or a combination of down and feather.  

So why is down so expensive?  

  • There is much less down than there are feathers on a goose or duck. That translates into higher prices. This is also true when compared to inferior pillow materials, such as latex, polyester or whatever else is being advertised as the ‘super deal’ of the week. 

What else is so special about down?  

  • When properly filled, a down or down and feather pillow offer wonderful neck and head support. These down and/or down feather sleeping pillows are also extremely malleable, which means they will not bunch up or develop knots like many other pillow fillings.  

The right firmness of a pillow all comes down to personal preference. We respect that at Vero Linens, which is why we offer three different levels of firmness in our pillows Scroll down the page view a video that explains the attributes of our video on our sleeping pillow:  

  • Down pillow – Easily is our softest pillow
  • Compartment pillow – This has a medium level of firmness
  • Feather pillow – The firmest of all our pillows  

All of our pillows are generously filled, which provides excellent neck and head support. Our pillows are also super clean (hypoallergenic). Customers immediately notice the stark difference between our full and clean pillows, particularly when compared to many of the down products made in China. This is because our down and feathers go through a patented seven-stage cleaning and sanitizing process.

We don’t sell or memory foam pillows; however, we do sell some of the best feather & down pillows you can buy.

  • We assure you, ours are constructed better than any of the ones you might find at a department store.

Here is a video that explains some the attributes of our sleeping pillows.

Down Sleeping Pillows