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The best top of the bed choices...

There are five solid choices to consider when decorating the top of your bed. In most bedrooms, the bed is the largest piece of furniture. Not only is it where you sleep, but it also complements the overall look and theme of the room. So here is a closer look at the most popular options for the top of the bed. 

Duvet cover: 

This is essentially a large pillowcase for your down comforter. A down comforter is technically called a duvet, although most people use the two terms interchangeably. Most duvet covers are cotton, although they can be made from other materials. We suggest to avoid buying duvet covers with textured fabrics because they have too much weight. 

Here is what to look for in a Duvet cover.

  • Our professional experience has taught us that about 90% of luxury linen customers prefer to use a duvet cover and down comforter arrangement. Most people who buy luxury linens have air conditioning, so the temperature in their homes does not change from season to season. This allows them to use down comforters and duvet covers all year long.  

Quilt or quilted coverlets: 

  • These are similar to a short bedspread. A quilt or quilted coverlet is actually smaller in length and width. However, quilts and coverlets have some slight variations in size among manufacturers. A quilt or quilted coverlet will overhang the top of your mattress around 15 inches.  
  • A quilted coverlet consists of (3) layers. The first is the underside, which is usually a lower-cost fabric. The center layer is the batting and typically polyester fiber. The top layer can consist of pretty much any kind of fabric.  
  • Quilts and quilted coverlets vary in thicknesses, ranging from around ¼ of an inch to a few inches.  

Here is how to make your bed with a coverlet.

At Vero, we sell both Coverlets & Duvet Covers for the top of the bed.

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Luxury Quilted Coverlets for the top of your bed  


  • A bedspread is traditionally a quilted piece of fabric that covers the top of the bed and hangs down to the floor. Bedspreads have become obsolete in the present day.
  • Mattress manufacturers have gotten a little carried away when it comes to mattress thickness. There is no longer a standard thickness, which also means bed heights are very different. Bedspread can be customized, although that might cost quite a bit. Ready-made bedspreads are simply hard to find anywhere.  

Matelassé (pronounced – mat-la-zay) 

  • This consists of a single layer of woven fabric. The fabric often has intricate designs woven in. A matelassé is rather thin, although it does add an interesting texture to the top of the bed. It is also common for matelassé to be monochromatic in color.  

Matelassé are a popular top of the bed 


Luxury Blankets for top of the bed

  • These are occasionally used at the top of the bed, but have some drawbacks. Most blankets contain a nap. This is intentionally built in as it traps more air and holds more warmth. When a blanket is used frequently at the top of the bed, its nap will wear down, particularly in the areas that come into contact with the person in the bed.  
  • Some blankets stretch and start to look like a flimsy bed cover the more they are used.  

All of the above items can be used with a blanket for additional warmth. Some people use their coverlet or matelassé as the top of the bed and then roll the duvet cover (and comforter) down to the foot of the bed during warmer months.  

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