Buying new bed sheets and you're confused?

Are you thinking about buying new bed sheets and you're confused or overwhelmed?

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Bed sheets come in several different weaves, in this article we will break the more popular ones down for you.
The following weaves are all used in the construction of bed sheets.

  • Twill
  • Jersey Knit
  • Flannel

It is safe to say the following are the two most popular.

  • Percale
  • Sateen

To preface this discussion, bed sheets are also made with different materials and compositions.
Here are a few:

  • Wood fiber sheets (bamboo & Modal)
  • Satin (polyester)
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Cotton/Poly
  • Cotton

We also think it is safe to say cotton is the most popular.
Back to the weaves.


As shown below, with a sateen weave the warp yarn is threaded over the weft yarn and then it might skip one or more of the weft threads. By weaving in this manner, intricate patterns can be created in the weave. 

  • Sateen weaves are generally silkier and smoother than other types of weaves.
  • Due to the softness and drape of the fabric, some people (not all) find them to be clingy.
  • Higher thread counts are often achieved with sateen weaves. Some as much as 1,000 thread count, there are manufacturers that claim even higher thread counts.
  • In higher thread-count sateen fabrics, the warp and weft yarns are two yarns twisted together.
    • Some say this is a deceptive practice to artificially achieve a higher thread count number, we don’t. There is much more cotton in a 600 thread count, twisted yarn sheet than a 300 thread count single-ply yarn sheet.

Sateen Bed sheets offer that super soft silky feel  


As shown below, percale weaves are the strongest weaves. One warp yarn is threaded over one weft yarn then under the next weft yarn (over, then under, and so on).  

  • A percale fabric offers that cool crisp feel.
  • It has almost a velvety feel.
  • Percale is often the preference for those that sleep hot.
  • Percale weaves range in thread-counts, 800-thread count is about the most one can find in percale weaves.
  • We don’t recommend anything less than 200-thread count.

 Percale weaves offer that cool crisp, velvety feel to the touch 


  • Twill fabrics are woven with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.
  • Twill is occasionally found in bed linens.
  • The ribbed pattern, however, may feel rough to the touch.

 twill bed sheets

Jersey Knit: 

  • Jersey knit bed sheets feel like a T-Shirt.
  • The fabric is stretchy.
  • Good Jersey knit sheets can have a soft feel.
  • Jersey sheets are typically inexpensive and not that durable.


  • Flannel sheets have a nap.
  • This nap gives them a soft feel.
  • The nap fibers are raised, the tips of the fibers create a little more surface area which traps air. As a result flannel sheets tend to be a little warmer.
  • This nap also creates a little more friction between the sheets and a person's pajamas. Some feel it can be restrictive when one moves around in bed.
  • Flannel sheets are generally inexpensive and not as durable as other weaves. 


  • Satin is actually not a weave.
  • Satin sheets are slippery.
  • They are hot because they are polyester and do not breathe as well as natural fibers.
  • They wrinkle and can melt when exposed to a hot iron.
  • Satin sheets can snag easily.
  • They are often found in the colors red and black, we’re not sure why.  

Luxury Italian bed sheets & linensAll things equal (same grade of cotton, same weave, etc.), thread-count can become a variable.  

One can find a better feeling 200 thread count sheet that is made from an exceptional grade of cotton than a 600 thread count sheet made from a poor grade.

To understand why thread count is not that important click here. 

You may have spent more on a pair of shoes then a great set of sheets and your sheets will never go out of style, they won’t hurt your feet as some high fashion shoes will and you will love them every night for the next 6 to 10 years. 

  • You deserve to pamper yourself a little – don’t you? 

Okay, now you know everything you ever needed to know about bed linen weaves and then some.

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