How to keep your sheets from pilling.

Preventing your bed sheets from pilling.


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Keep your sheets from pilling

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Pilling can happen in many fibers and textiles and even the finest of luxury bed linens may eventually wind up pilling. But this is not an inevitability. Pilling is usually the result of improper care of quality bed sheets. Improper care can be defined as exposure to harsh chemicals, abrasion or too much high heat.  

Pilling is the result of loose or broken fibers knotting up and turning into little balls. It is common for low quality cotton sheets, made with short cotton fibers, to pill rather easily. 

Below is an illustration of two unwashed cuttings of fabric.

Bed Sheets made with lower grades of cotton are more prone to pilling

  • Notice the sheet on the right has a very consistent tight weave (This image is a cutting of our Italian woven cotton fabric). 
  • The cotton bed sheet on the left has a loose weave, along with inconsistent thread diameters and weave. 
  • The cutting on the left already has a few nubs, which will soon become pills. 

Now that we have explained pilling and some of its causes, let’s get back to the question of how to keep your sheets from pilling. Here are some answers: 

  • Avoid buying a cheaply-priced 1000 thread-count sheet set online that claim to be 100% Egyptian cotton. And by cheap, we mean those $80 varieties. 
  • A great set of sheets will usually cost you anywhere between $300 and $1,200. 
  • Vero Linens currently sells our sets for prices ranging between $300 and $600. We can afford to sell them for that low price because they are not sold through retailers. If they were, the prices would increase to the $700 through $1,500 range. However, we have no retail mark-up and that means our customers save money. 

Remember that thread count does not denote the level of quality. Watch the video below, explaining why thread count is somewhat of a secondary consideration. 

To properly care for luxury linens, watch the below video. 

To properly care for luxury linens, watch the below video.


Minimizing exposure to high heat will also keep your sheets from pilling. Here are some professional tips that will help keep your sheets away from excessive amounts of high heat.  

  • Remember that too much heat applies to both the washing and drying process. High levels of heat destroy the elasticity of the cotton fiber, causing it to break.  
  • If you iron your bed sheets, remember to always use a medium heat setting with steam and never allow a hot iron to stay on one spot for too long.  

Using a milder detergent when you wash can also prevent pilling. Here is some more insight into why this is a good practice:  

  • The chemicals in the popular detergents like Tide and Cheer can damage the fiber.  
  • Brighteners are found in many detergents and are bleach derivatives that can actually damage the fabric.  
  • Use a mild detergent such as Dreft, Ivory, or better yet, Le Blanc Linen Wash, which is sold here.  
  • Avoid any kind of abrasion to the fabric. A stubbly face, back or legs can be damaging. Short body hair acts like a Brillo pad that scrubs the bed sheet.  

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