Buying Bed Sheets, how often should you wash them?

At what frequency should you launder your bed linens?

We are asked this question occasionally, and the answer is “it depends.”

We have seen stories and studies wherein some people change their sheets every month or so, with some studies identifying people that may go for several months without washing their bedsheets. The fact is, dirty sheets are a breeding ground for bacteria as a result of dead skin, oil, and other stuff that gets deposited on them.

We think bed linens should be changed at a minimum every seven days. Ideally, about every four to five days is the best answer, but most do not abide by this timetable.

There are a few variables that also influence our response. 

    • People that have oily skin will find their bed sheets will become – well, oily and soiled after a few days.
    • Many people share their bed with their pets. This aids to the collection of debris in your bed.
    • Many people enjoy eating in bed. If this is you, rest assured your bed has food between the sheets.
    • If you watch TV in bed or have made the bed your mini-office, you are likely spending more time between the sheets than those that don’t, so your sheets are going to become more soiled.
    • In warmer climates or warmer summer months, your are more inclined to sweat throughout the day. Your skin will have collected more oil, pollen, and debris when you are exposed to warm weather. Taking a shower before bed will keep your bedsheets much cleaner. 
    • As a side note, consider swapping out your pillowcases mid-week during these warmer months. 

If you sleep on white sheets, you will notice that your sheets may take on a yellow cast.

Washing your sheets more frequently will mitigate this from happening. Using too much detergent can also yellow bed sheets. Click here to learn why and how to properly wash your bedding.

Another important factor is dust mites, some people are allergic to them.

Dust mite

Unfortunately, almost all bedding will get dust mites. It is essential to change your bedding more frequently if you have allergies to dust mites.

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