How to properly clean a microfiber robe

Microfiber robes are easy to launder...

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Microfiber robes look and feel great. They are also very simple to launder. Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to clean your microfiber robe. 

  • First, turn the robe inside out. This is done because the inside of the robe is the area that generally gets soiled the most. A common problem area is the collar, where make-up residue may be present. 
  • Wash the robe(s) in warm water and always use a mild detergent. We suggest using Le Blanc linen wash, which is sold here
  • Avoid using bleach at all costs. This will damage the cotton fiber, assuming that your robe does have some cotton on it. 
  • Do not overload your washing machine. Once the wash cycle is finished, insert the robe into the dryer and switch it to medium or a permanent press cycle. 
  • Remove the robe from the dryer when it is nearly dry or slightly damp. Turn it back so that the exterior is showing and then place it on a hanger. Any of the wrinkles that may have resulted from washing or drying will disappear. 
  • Let the robe air dry and when it is completely dry, return it to your closet or bathroom.  

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