Do your Luxury Bed Linens fit your bed properly?

 Is your mattress too big for your sheets? 

Over the last fifteen years, the sizes of bed linens (fitted and flat sheets), comforters and duvet covers have all seen considerable increases in size. 

Why you ask?  

This has been done to keep pace with the ever-increasing thickness of mattresses. In the last several years alone, mattresses have been ranging from 7" to 24" or more in thickness. Some have gotten so thick that they should come with a step-stool. If you own a super-thick mattress, you may have already found that some of your bedding may look disproportionate or may not even fit at all.  

Below are some words of “bedding wisdom” from our friend Pam, who is a bedding expert.

With today's thick mattresses your sheets may not fit


As noted in a few of our previous blogs, Pam has accumulated years of experience in the retail sale of luxury linens, sheets, pillow shams, duvet covers, pillows and down comforters. She was nice enough to share her knowledge about the numerous customer questions she has recently been addressing.  

Why is there a current love affair with super thick-mattresses? 

  • “The old standard mattress was approximately 10” and now they are now anywhere from 7”- 24”. I am not entirely sure why this phenomenon has taken place. A mattress that is 24" isn't any more comfortable than one constructed the same way, which is 12" thick. I think it is simply the allure or perspective that more or thicker is better or more comfortable.”  

What is the problem with super-thick mattresses? 

  • “Everything can get out of whack. Your end tables won’t look proportionally correct as they would when they are a foot below the top of the bed. Also, the coverlets or duvets don't cover the mattress, let alone any part of the box spring.”  

What about sheets and super-thick mattresses? 

  • “Most fitted sheets won’t fit unless you have them custom made. The deepest pocket you will likely find is around 17". The flat sheets also won't cover the mattress properly. If you are purchasing department store bedding, then your problems may be enhanced. Most times, but not always, manufacturers of this type of bedding can be a little skimpy on sizes. Luxury linen manufacturers, which are mostly European, are much more generous in their sizing. But with a mattress over 17" in thickness, you will still have these types of issues.”  

What advice would you give people about extra thick mattresses? 

  • “I would stay away from super-thick mattresses. The bedding industry has attempted to keep up with this new craze to the best of its ability. As a result, you will now find duvets and comforters being made much wider in order to cover the mattress. However, there are still limitations.”  

What do you mean by limitations? 

  • “Most looms that weave these textiles are approximately 120" wide. Some are a little larger, but those are very few in number. There are also many that are only 108" wide. With a king mattress that measures 78" wide and then a flat sheet of 108", there will be 15" of drop on each side. However, if your mattress is 24", then you have 9" of mattress exposed on each side.”  

What problems can arise with that extra fabric? 

  • “If there is a lot of extra fabric on the sides, or the foot of the duvet, and your comforter doesn't fill it out, check the size of the comforter. If your comforter is more than 10 years old, it may be much smaller.”  

Shop for luxury Italian bedding hereDo you have any final words of advice? 

  • “You will find that a standard queen-sized duvet cover is approximately 90” x 92” and a king duvet cover is approximately 108” x 92”. It may be time to purchase a new comforter to fill your new duvet cover. If your down comforter is in good condition, you can always put it in a smaller duvet cover. For example, an older, smaller king works great in a queen and may be perfect for a guest room.”  

Below is a Video on how to properly measure your mattress to ensure that the next set of fine linens you purchase are the correct size.


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