What is Fill Power and how is it determined

Fill Power is a rating for Down.

Fill power is a numeric value used to grade down  

Fill power is a common term in down products and it actually refers to the numeric value which is used to grade or categorize down. Fill power is a numeric measurement, which identifies the number of cubic inches that (1) ounce of Down occupies.

Here is a closer look at how a Fill Power rating is calculated:

  • One (1) ounce of Down is free poured into a calibrated chamber or vessel.
  • The more cubic inches of space one (1) ounce of Down occupies, the higher its Fill power rating.
  • If one (1) ounce of Down occupies 600 cubic inches of space, then it receives a Fill Power rating of 600. 

Fill power is a measurement of down  


In this video we explain the difference between Down & Feather.

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