Sleeping pillows wear out, here is what to expect from yours.

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Buying a down pillow is not like buying any ordinary pillow. This is a purchase that lasts, as people can expect a down sleeping pillow to last between 8 and 12 years. However, there are factors that can lessen that number of years you will get out of your down pillow. First, excessive pillow fighters and restless sleepers will see less life out of their down pillows. And those who have a tendency to punch their pillows in an effort to get comfortable may also slightly reduce the life of their pillows.  

New pillows are nice and fluffy, mainly because they are generously filled. But over the course of time, they start to become much thinner. In some cases, pillows can shrink down and become as flat as a pancake. This is an obvious sign of wear and here’s why that signifies that it’s time for a new pillow: 

  • Worn pillows provide very little neck support
  • Old pillows can get infested with dust mites  

Goose Down Sleeping Pillow  

Dust mites find their way into all bedding

 Pillow Tips:  

It is important to safeguard your pillow with a pillow protector (sold here), which will assist in keeping your pillow much fresher. And in order to protect your pillow against dust mites, it is recommended that each pillow be washed a minimum of once a year.   

Here is an instruction video on how to wash your pillow: 

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