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The Best Down Comforter Construction Style...

In the below video and article, we discuss some the benefits and limitations of the more popular down comforter styles. We also explain why a baffle-box construction is the best style. 

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 There are several different construction styles when it comes to down comforters. Some construction styles of down comforters are better than others and here’s some insight into a few varieties.  

Ring stitch: 

Ring stitch down comforter is not our first choice in a down comforter 

  • Dependent on the style of Ring Stitch, this style allows the down to move within the comforter far too much. 
  • When down is left unconstrained, it winds up migrating to the foot and the sides of the comforter. This leaves less amounts (if any) of down where you would really want it to be – right on top of you. 

Channel Construction: 

Channel quilt down comforter is not the best construction style

  •  This style has long rows or baffles that run from the foot of the comforter to the head.
  • Once again, the down inevitably finds its way to the foot of the comforter, creating cold spots. 

You can try to re-orientate the down in these styles of down comforters by shaking them from the foot or the sides in order to relocate it back to its proper spot.  

But why go through all of this unnecessary aggravation? There are better styles out there, namely the Box-Stitched or the Baffle-Box style.  

The Box-Stitch style:

Box stitch is the most popular down comforter

  • This style is comprised of two large sheets of cotton fabric sewn around the periphery or sides, then through a tiny hole left in the comforter down is blown through a hose and into the single large compartment. Once that task is completed, the hole is sewn shut. 
  • Next, the down gets evenly distributed throughout the entire sack, the down comforter is then run through a quilter, which produces smaller squares that are filled with down. 
  • The box-stitched style will never permit any down from migrating to different compartments. Despite that advantage, there is one drawback. The valley areas and quilt lines (shown below) remain virtually void of down, which means there could be some cold spots in these areas. 

Box stitch is the most popular down comforter


Baffle-Box down comforter is easily the best construction style.  

  • The Baffle-Box down comforter utilizes the same basic concept as the box-stitched comforter; the down is constrained or contained in a small square compartment.  
  • Baffle-Box construction features a sidewall (see below) in each compartment. This actually creates a 3-dimensional box. That 6-sided box (top, bottom and 4 sides) allows the down more area to loft. The term lofting is used to describe the act of trapping more air, which provides more insulation and warmth.  
  • Down is very much like insulation in that it does not generate heat. The trapped air is what insulates your body by actually holding your body heat.  
  • A Baffle-Box construction style will never allow any of the down to migrate across compartments. This style also does away with cold spots that are found in the other construction styles.

Look for a baffle box construction style down comforter

  • Baffle-Box construction also gives off a much fuller look in the Duvet Cover.  

Baffle Box Down Comforters available in king & queenBaffle-Box down comforters are a little pricier than other construction styles, but we believe that extra cost is worth the investment.  

Before you buy your next down comforter, be sure to check out our baffle-box comforters. We also carry a wonderful selection of luxury Italian sheets that as well as duvet covers, down sleeping pillows, and more. 

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